May 28, 2020

    Experian Unauthorized Robocalls

    Made false representations about credit repair products and other products marketed and purchased by me with no benefit if the service was per cat all.

    Materially harmed my current, past and future ability to obtain credit.

    Published false documentation about my private information in violation of multiple consumer, privacy statutes and Consumer Protection Act.

    Failed to respond to credit inquiries and adjustments or validations in a timely manner and failed to protect my personal information while also marketing and selling it.

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    May 24, 2020

    Equifax Lied About the Price

    Data breach settlement claim has been filed and they read my comments and didn’t do anything I have had the negative items removed but still have some left. I have corrected my address numbers of times never updated and the service is credit protected but was breached its wrong

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    May 23, 2020

    Experian Collections Issues

    have sent numerous disputes that I am sure they did not legally investigate. Account have been re-aged and they have done nothing but claim the accounts are accurate.

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    May 22, 2020

    TransUnion Hurt My Credit

    Have several things on my credit that isn’t acurrat and hurt my credit . I have called to dipute the debts and they are rude and still nothing done

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    May 13, 2020

    Experian Hurt My Credit

    Credit rating decreased by 104 points without explanation.

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    May 13, 2020

    Equifax Hurt My Credit

    On Jan. 21, 2020, my FICO score decreased 104 points. I tried to dispute this but Equifax didn’t change the score.

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    May 6, 2020

    Equifax Bad Customer Support

    I called to dispute collection from a company that is causing multiple hard inquiries and finally an account which is now in collections to a company I have never heard of. Upon investigation into this company, they claim to have no record of my social security number available. Equifax refuses to help me because I can’t remember a loan from nearly 5 years ago that no longer appears in my credit report. I habe no knowledge of this account, the company or ota services. This is fraud. I described in precision detaily problem and equifax refuses to budge. This is fraud. Equifax is behind it.

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    May 4, 2020

    Equifax Locked My Account

    I tried to access while traveling overseas to investigate fraudulent activity on my account and they locked me from online access. I called and they have told me I am banned for life from accessing

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    April 25, 2020

    Equifax Bad customer support

    Reporting false information on my credit report.

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