July 13, 2019

    Global Tel Link Complaint

    Every time I use GTL for a video visitation, something goes wrong. My visit on July 9 was a disaster. It cut me off 4 minutes before it was scheduled to end. The screen on my end was blurry and I couldn’t see the inmate. The sound quality was horrible as well.

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    July 2, 2019

    Securus Technologies Complaint

    Securus is supposed to provide video visitation for families from home to inmates in prison. Their process is cumbersome, and there have been many instances in which I’ve been unable to schedule on their website. I’m always forced to call and wait on hold to get anything done. Average hold time is 20 minutes. Their website has a ton of glitches, and their protocols are overwhelming, there is too much red tape. I am unable to schedule an appointment with my inmate at Varner Unit in Arkansas because of a glitch on their website. It will take 24 hours (or more) to fix. HIs birthday is tomorrow, so he will not have a visit on his birthday because once again, Securus screwed up!

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