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Coinbase Bad Customer Support

What Coinbase did: Coinbase lost the assets in my account, they lost $59,701.42 worth of my crypto assets.... What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? A refund... How would you rate your experience with Coinbase?⭐️…

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Coinbase Complaint

What Coinbase did: I had USDT crypto assets in my Coinbase wallet and connect it, through the Coinbase Wallet’s browser to a DeFi (liquidity mining pool) platform that would use my USDT pledged to the pool for ETH exchanges. This…

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Coinbase Lied About the Price

What Coinbase did: I initially purchase Shib Coin on coinbase when it launched. Coinbase inflated the price 10x to consumers & then after an hour they fixed the price to what it should have been. My inital 25k investment went…

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