May 24, 2020

    Equifax Lied About the Price

    Data breach settlement claim has been filed and they read my comments and didn’t do anything I have had the negative items removed but still have some left. I have corrected my address numbers of times never updated and the service is credit protected but was breached its wrong

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    May 13, 2020

    Equifax Hurt My Credit

    On Jan. 21, 2020, my FICO score decreased 104 points. I tried to dispute this but Equifax didn’t change the score.

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    May 6, 2020

    Equifax Bad Customer Support

    I called to dispute collection from a company that is causing multiple hard inquiries and finally an account which is now in collections to a company I have never heard of. Upon investigation into this company, they claim to have no record of my social security number available. Equifax refuses to help me because I can’t remember a loan from nearly 5 years ago that no longer appears in my credit report. I habe no knowledge of this account, the company or ota services. This is fraud. I described in precision detaily problem and equifax refuses to budge. This is fraud. Equifax is behind it.

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    May 4, 2020

    Equifax Locked My Account

    I tried to access while traveling overseas to investigate fraudulent activity on my account and they locked me from online access. I called and they have told me I am banned for life from accessing

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    April 25, 2020

    Equifax Bad customer support

    Reporting false information on my credit report.

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    April 23, 2020

    Equifax Hurt my credit

    My credit is locked. I’m paying 25% interest on a car right now through a finance company because no bank will finance me because Im told I have a freeze on my Equifax account. I don’t even have an Equifax account. On trying to call them to straighten it out, I’m just run around in circles on their automated “customer service”. I’ve sent in my information via mail to them four times now in an effort to prove my identity and it’s gotten me nowhere. I can’t access my information on their website because I don’t have an account. When I try to make an account I’m told my request cannot be processed and to call their customer service. And as I said before, that’s gotten me nowhere.

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    February 22, 2020

    Equifax Complaint

    Not removing a freeze on my credit file after continual rewuest

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    February 17, 2020

    Equifax Complaint

    Bank of America account included in bankruptcy on Nov 16,2017 was disputed and provided proof of chapter 7 discharged they continue to report to Equifax a balance due and past due

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    January 23, 2020

    Equifax wrongly sent my account to collections and hurt my credit score

    I have submitted disputes to the credit bureaus. Experian has updated my report accordingly and due the extenuating circumstances they expedited the process Equifax however has deliberately ignored my complaint. They claim to have completed my dispute however the appropriate changes haven’t been made. I own a car which was paid off nearly 2 years ago I sent them a copy of the title and had the dealer ship contact them. This has been over a month now. They have cause me to lose out on business loans thus affecting my lively hood. I wasn’t even aware that they have me showing as owing 6000.00 dollars on my car placing me in a delinquent status. Again my car was paid of about 2 years ago and th

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