February 24, 2020

    Planet Fitness Complaint

    My name is Vincent ***** I’m 57 I’m a disabled American vet and I was in my opinion wrongfully terminated from Planet Fitness and all planet fitnesses in America. My number is ***-***-****

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    February 20, 2020

    Planet Fitness misled by sales reps who charged me hidden fees

    Lack of communication and explanations. Their representatives should do a better job of explaining what a membership with the black card entails. The fact that they made no effort to let me know of these things in anyway tells me they obviously want to hide these issues. It’s frankly scummy. I pay a 22$ membership if they really wanted to I would be fine if it was upped to 25 or 28 as long as I knew up front what I was signing up for.

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    February 12, 2020

    24 Hour Fitness misled by sales reps who overcharged me

    A customer service rep told me I would not get charged at all while my account was under freeze, and then they sent me an email with fine print saying otherwise and are only acknowledging the email.

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    February 11, 2020

    Planet Fitness didn’t deliver what they promised

    On 02/08/2020 I went to PF to work out with my friend. This was my friends first time there as my guest. Her doctor had asked her to start working out to help with her Cancer. I decided I was going to tan afterwards and had Laney at the desk set my time for 10 min. She informed me only one person in the room at a time, which I acknowledged. As a former employee at Palm Beach Tan those FDA regulated laws are burned into my memory. I proceeded to room 4 where I went in with my friend to finish our conversation while I put my lotin on and started the bed up to get it bulbs heated. She applied lotion to my back and walked out. ONE minute into me laying down, about 3-4 min that the bed had been r

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    February 5, 2020

    24 Hour Fitness Misleading offers by ads or sales reps, Won’t let me cancel

    On January 2nd, I went to 24 hour fitness to sign up for their 5 day free trial. The sales rep put me through a long process of putting in a deposit and signing up for a membership which included payment/documentation on the spot. I did not want to participate, as it didn’t seem like a free trial. To my understanding, you had 5 days to come back in person and cancel any future payments, and it was not viable for me as I would be moving to a different city shortly afterwards. Before I was about to leave, the sales rep told me that they had a location in my new city that I can check out, and that I can cancel AT ANY LOCATION within 5 days. I complied and signed the agreement for a yearly super

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    February 4, 2020

    Planet Fitness Won’t let me cancel

    The company keeps charging me an unalerted yearly fee and will not reverse the fee so i can cancel.

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    January 30, 2020

    Planet Fitness charged me hidden fees and won’t let me cancel, Misleading offers by ads or sales reps

    they refuse to let me cancel my account. they have been charging me over 1 year. only been inside the gym 2 times.

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    January 27, 2020

    Planet Fitness Won’t let me cancel

    I’ve been with planet fitness for quite some time now it becoming a probably like going on maybe five or six years I pay them faithfully monthly payments come out of my account faithfully but somehow I also have balance from 2016 of February that the money wasn’t coming out of my account may because it wasn’t in the account at the time and then I was charged an extra $10 because the money didn’t the $20 didn’t come out so my balance is $68 because of the change I have been denied access inside of the facility and I am still getting the $20 discredited from my account also so I have been there multiple times trying to cancel and I have also call corporate planet fitness and they told me I c

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    January 24, 2020

    LA Fitness Complaint

    Had a one on one fitness training introduction. Injured my hip with in realistic exercises for a new client. I cannot run to this day. It occurred in dec 2019

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