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Nest Secure Claim for Compensation

My claim is against google, but only option I see is google nest secure.I opened a new shop last July and sunscreen then They didn’t list my business on there Google my Business portal.It is still bending status for 3…

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Vivint Lied About the Price

Have had several issues with vivint mostly during the initial install. They did a bait and switch based on initial projections from a solar array design that was completely different than the one installed and increased the price they would…

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Vivint Collections Issues

They told us a story there was a break-in down the street from us. When we spoke to other neighbors the same story was told to them. Never touched the contract except to sign, and were rushed thru signing. After…

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ADT Lied About the Price

We have never in our lives felt this violated as customers and consumers and we don't take our claim lightly. There are no words to describe how ADT violated our trust every step of the way, and we never thought…

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