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Capital One Hurt My Credit

What Capital One did: Company charged off account, but still has account on consumer report. What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? Refund of $469 Submitted by: Anonymous in South Carolina | Read more Capital…

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Equifax Hurt My Credit

What Equifax did: On Sept 18, 2022, I received a letter in the mail concerning the unauthorized inquiries on my account. Equifax did not provide me with the information that was asked for which is "can you provide me with…

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Vivint Collections Issues

What Vivint did: for over three months my husband and I, both seniors. have been calling the technician, Justin, telling him that the system is not working. The cameras do no work. The only time Vivint sends messages is when…

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Citizens one Lied About the Price

What Citizens one did: False and deceptive forms, they crested a loan from my consumer credit transaction. Also harassment and abusive collection practices. The only gets that were suppose to be charged are finance charge. Continue to attempt to collect…

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Discover Hurt My Credit

What Discover did: 3 emails said they transferred funds to an account at another bank. 3 payments made on both accounts. Lowered my credit rating at the other bank. balance remains high in other bank. What would you like the…

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Navient Hurt My Credit

What Navient did: Navient claimed my student loans were not eligible for the federal moratorium and have been negatively reporting me to the credit bureaus. A quick google search shows that my loans (FFEL) are, in fact, eligible. What would…

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