Tag : Hurt my credit

Equifax Hurt My Credit

What Equifax did: I disputed accounts on my consumer report which Equifax came back and said they were being reported correctly and didn't provide me and investigative report. I submitted another complaint on August 17,2022 with CFPB and they sent…

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TransUnion Collections Issues

What TransUnion did: Transunion has falsely claimed they have completed their investigation into my dispute. Transunion did not actually investigate my dispute as my dispute was about my uniformed decision as outlined in 15 USC 1601-1602 with these alleged debts…

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Citibank Hurt My Credit

What Citibank did: Fought for several years to close an account but keep getting late charged What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? Cancel and repair credit Submitted by: Anonymous in Missouri | Read more…

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