Tag : Hurt my credit

Allstate Collections Issues

What Allstate did: I purchased new car policy with Geico in 6/27/2020 and cancelled with Allstate. I still got charged for the monthly premium after informing through my insurance and contacting direct agent . Today is 01/21/2022 still haven’t received…

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Comenity Bad Customer Support

What Comenity did: I applied for an Ulta card and wasn't immediately approved; I'm assuming due to my credit protection, as my score is over 800 and I have a decent income. My account was unlocked at the time of…

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Capital One Hurt My Credit

What Capital One did: Within two days capital One made three unauthorized credit inquiries. I don’t have their credit card, don’t want it, and never authorized their credit checks. What would you like the company to do to fix the…

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