Tag : Hurt my credit

Sprint Bad Customer Support

Asked for my card number verbally, card 20Min later an attempt for 1.21 happened 4 times at 1:22 and another at 1.24. Got in touch with sprint fraud. I’m very concerned abouty future credit and information and now I have…

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Vivint Collections Issues

I moved out a home I was renting for over 11 years to relocate to a different state, but had to move in apartment first to build my credit back up, asked giving could I transfer my service, but they…

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Santander Consumer USA Hurt My Credit

I signed 60 month term. At 670$ monthly payments in November 2015. Original maturity date nov 28 2020 if all payment where made on time. I have10 differed payments yes 670$ monthly payments at 20.9 interest rate I’m paying for…

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Sprint Lied About the Price

First dayanager stole my copy id and social security number and bought 4 iphones and 4 ipads and blamed me and put a bumch of out of date atuff in my bag. They sold me a hot spit that over…

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