Tag : Hurt my credit

First Premier Bank Collections Issues

What First Premier Bank did: First Premier Bank closed my credit card account without taking proper action, they're misrepresenting the facts in regards to their binding arbitration agreement and violated my consumer privacy rights by disclosing my financial; non public…

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CITI Hurt My Credit

What CITI did: CITI through their Shell credit card have a policy that if your card is not used within 12 months it will be automatically cancelled regardless of perfect payment history. This damages the credit rating by 1 showing…

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Uber Bad Customer Support

What Uber did: Put in my gift card Igor ***** I got ad a Christmas present for $20.00. May 4 added to mr wallet under gift card. They never apply my $20.00 toward to my ride. I’m really mad. Mess…

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Discover Hurt My Credit

What Discover did: Opened a secured card with Discover ($200 deposit) to help build my credit back up. I have 100% on time payments. Account was closed without notice due to "unusual payment activity" I explained that it was ME…

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Credit One Bad Customer Support

What Credit One did: UNABLE TO NEGOTIATE BOGUS CHARGES ON MY ACCOUNT What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? Answer card charges validity and repair my credit. I have been willing to make payments, they…

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Intuit Hurt My Credit

What Intuit did: Claimed I was due another Stimulus Check. Unfortunately, this was a lie and they should pay restitution for deceptive practices. What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? A refund would be great.…

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