Tag : Hurt my credit

Pnc Hurt My Credit

What Pnc did: I am a customer with PNC Bank I've been with PNC Bank for over 4 years I had an unfortunate situation which led me to have information that could be properly verified I have spoke to PNC…

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Discover Hurt My Credit

What Discover did: Tiok out a loan many years ago. Had financial difficulties and entered into a payment agreement with automatic payments, so they would always be on time. Never received any statements and could not get help to reset…

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Capital One Hurt My Credit

What Capital One did: Late payments reporting on my credit file. They won't remove/update them even though I've provided documentation from my financial institution confirming bank processing errors. What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?…

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Amazon Bad Customer Support

What Amazon did: Hi Jeff/Andy I am no longer trying to force a contact with either of you I have literally tried hundreds of ways to contact someone (I wont explain, see the 70 emails I have sent both of…

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