Tag : Hurt my credit

NFCU Bad Customer Support

What NFCU did: On May 3rd, I apply for a mortgage and was approved. I was assigned to Courtney ***** to guide me through the process. However, it was very difficult to get in touch with her. I call on…

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Navient Hurt My Credit

What Navient did: When Biden put our student loan payments on hold I was still paying come to find out that Navient actually consolidated my loans without my authorization. Which has led to Experian reporting that I was 90 days…

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Citibank Hurt My Credit

What Citibank did: Credit denial on three occasions stating my credit report shows bankruptcy or a financial counseling plan. In actuality, my credit is excellent. And I have no bankruptcy, no financial counseling plan, no late payments, no collections, no…

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Suntrust Bank Hurt My Credit

What Suntrust Bank did: Around 2007, our assistant was hospitalized and failed to make a payment to SunTrust towards our boat. SunTrust said that they were going to repossess the boat. As soon as we realized the payment wasn't made,…

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