Tag : Hurt my credit

Bank of America Hurt My Credit

What Bank of America did: Too many fees! You will go broke in fees! What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? Terminate! The pandemic really messed things up causing racked up charges that will put…

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Gold’s Gym Bad Customer Support

What Gold's Gym did: I've made one complaint to the BBB before about them refusing to cancel two memberships, one that was made by complete accident due to website error and the other being a legitimate membership, and the issue…

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Lyft Lied About the Price

What Lyft did: I took a lypt yesterday and the driver lied that i damaged his car so the took almost $100 out of my acount, 3 hours im begging them to refund me caus I'm innocent but they don't…

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DoorDash Hurt My Credit

What DoorDash did: Door Dash has facilitated the theft of my identity. For the tax years of 2020 and 2021 I received a W9 addressed to me at my home address, despite having never served as a delivery driver or…

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