Tag : Lied about the price

Hyundai Lied About the Price

What Hyundai did: Unfair and/or hidden markups over MSRP pricing. Price fixing and collusion of same What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? Stop allowing dealers to charge markups on new vehicles, some almost a…

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Varo bank Hurt My Credit

What Varo bank did: Last weekend I had I have to my account on a Friday and Saturday morning I only had 17 something happened with this system they said the system glitched but I don't see how it could…

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US Bank Lied About the Price

What US Bank did: Resequenced transactions causing overdrafts Opted out Overdraft protection and continue to be assessed fees Random transfers unauthorized causing overdrafts Random 600.00 placed in and out of accounts that nobody can provide reason on. Over 2209.00 this…

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