Tag : Lied about the price

Wells Fargo Lied About the Price

What Wells Fargo did: Wells Fargo Mortgage tricked me into using their mortgage. They advertised that they would offer a bonus discount for $5k if I would choose their home loan instead of other lenders'. Their loan officer reassured me…

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Lyft Lied About the Price

What Lyft did: I took a lypt yesterday and the driver lied that i damaged his car so the took almost $100 out of my acount, 3 hours im begging them to refund me caus I'm innocent but they don't…

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DoorDash Won’t Let Me Cancel

What DoorDash did: My notification was blocked: This notice, serves as intent to initiate an informal dispute resolution conference in the next 60 days before requesting arbitration. My name is Sherry *****, and my DoorDash email is ******@*****.*** and my…

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Intuit Lied About the Price

What Intuit did: I filled out the application for a refund advance loan and it was never sent to the bank. I was also charged over $200 for a simple return that should have been free. What would you like…

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