Tag : Lied about the price

Uber Lied About the Price

What Uber did: On the Uber mobile app they are still heavily promoting their free rides for vaccines the button to push for the vaccine ride is still there all the pieces of the puzzle for you to follow are…

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Charter Spectrum Bad Customer Support

What Charter Spectrum did: I’ve been charged for services that I have not been receiving or requested for services. When I called to inquire about the bill services/dispute cost services were then added to my account. Now they are stating…

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LA Fitness Lied About the Price

What LA Fitness did: When registering for LA Fitness account, it doesn’t display any annual fee, when you paid for the account, you receive an agreement document which mentions that a month later you will be charged an annual fee.…

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DoorDash Bad Customer Support

What DoorDash did: The door dashed stole our food and kept it for themselves. Door dash refused to return my money or credit my account. What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? Refund and an…

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Rcn Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

What Rcn did: Service never provided. TV always re-booting. What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? TV never works always reloading. Have to reboot everyday. Costumer support never answers. How would you rate your experience…

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