February 13, 2020

    Herbalife overcharged me or charged hidden fees

    I as a distributor am promised a 42% discount in products but at check out only receive 20%? No explanation for the other 22%? beIN with them for year. Idk how long this has beIN going on for. But I dont like it

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    January 21, 2020

    Someone Else misled by sales reps who overcharged me and won’t let me cancel, Unauthorized robocalls

    On 01/18/2020 PayPal performed an unauthorized transaction from my bank account to Vudu in the amount of $6.48 twice and one charge for $3.24. I removed my bank account information from the site on 01/17/2020 and set a preferred payment method, they did not allow the account to be removed. they processed an unauthorized payment @ 1:18am on 01/18/2020 for $6.48 twice and $3.24 once, without my knowledge. I called to receive a refund. I was told that my refund would have to come from Vudu. I called Vudu and my refund was processed on 01/18/2020 for $6.48 twice and $3.24 once. PayPal is currently holding my refund and will not release it to my bank. I called them today on 01/21/2020 to find

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    December 15, 2019

    Rodan + Fields product wasn’t what i was promised

    I had eye issues…. from burning to itching to redness. I had to make sure nothing ever touched the whites of my eyes or all hell would break loose.

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    November 13, 2019

    LuLaRoe misled by sales reps and product wasn’t what i was promised

    I was told at one point this would be the best investment ever. This was so wrong. I’m still paying back credit cards and debt after putting thousands of dollars into it.

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    August 11, 2019

    Tupperware Complaint

    They placed my axct on hold a year ago over 1600 of my $$ as well and just closed my acct stoleand kept my $$ but i have total proof that i sent to them direct of the msg from my dirctor telling me exactly to put my orders im and word for word that she has been rep for 30 ywars that itss the wat to do it…so i do all is well an then thwy held my act i seny all tge proof and still no funds were recieved ..nor returned noe paid out ….it was not a commission it was from stock salw and i labled and did jusy what my dirextor instructed

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    July 16, 2019

    Melaleuca Complaint

    On June 29, 2019, I requested that my Melaleuca membership be cancelled. On July 2, an order was placed without my consent. While I prevented them from charging my card for that specific order, I began being contacted (2-3 times) about my unpaid balance. Upon seeing that an order was placed without my permission, I immediately wrote to Melaleuca’s customer service e-mail and requested that the order be immediately canceled prior to shipment. In that same e-mail, I stated that I had requested a cancellation to my account a few days prior. I did not hear any response, until on July 8, I was notified that my order had shipped and I still had a balance on my account. Yet again, I asked them to c

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    June 5, 2019

    LuLaRoe Complaint

    Lured in with false promises. Defective product.

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    March 13, 2019

    LuLaRoe Complaint

    I have been attempting to cancel my contract with Lularoe since April of 2017. During that time the return policy being provided was: 100% buy back, pay all shipping fees, as long as the clothing was being returned within a year of purchase. Lularoe has me in a cancelation queue, however, they still didn’t do anything to move forward. They waited until June of 2018 to finally say they would move forward, but they would not hold up to the original return policy of April 2017, which was when I requested they cancel. This means, they will not buy back any of my merchandise because it over a year old, they will not pay for shipping. Lularoe made the decision to wait over a year to possibly cancel my contract and they still have not. I have proof of contact and request from my end.

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