Tag : Overcharged me / hidden fees

CreditOne Bank Lied About the Price

What CreditOne Bank did: Didn’t comply with Card agreement. Agreement states: 500 credit line, $39 Annual Fee. When I received the card and activated it my balance was $461 and NOT $500 meaning the already took the $39. Nope, they’re…

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Gotogate.com Lied About the Price

What Gotogate.com did: I bought tickets to Maldives ONLY because I was able to purchase cancellation insurance. I had to cancel and the company refuses to refund my money. This site should not be offering fake insurance! What would you…

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Xcover.com Won’t Let Me Cancel

What Xcover.com did: I purchased tickets and $66 worth of cancellation insurance via gotogate.com unfortunately I had to interrupt/cancel my trip. When I contacted xcover.com /affinity/broadshire or what ever the real name is they told me they will not give…

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