Tag : Product wasn’t what I was promised

Vivint Collections Issues

What Vivint did: for over three months my husband and I, both seniors. have been calling the technician, Justin, telling him that the system is not working. The cameras do no work. The only time Vivint sends messages is when…

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Cox Bad Customer Support

What Cox did: 1gigabyte internet i'm paying 170 a month for that constantly loses packets and randomly disconnects What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? Discount and or fix the node issue they're WELL aware…

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Discover Hurt My Credit

What Discover did: 3 emails said they transferred funds to an account at another bank. 3 payments made on both accounts. Lowered my credit rating at the other bank. balance remains high in other bank. What would you like the…

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Mediacom Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

What Mediacom did: Poor technical service. Being advised differently from one CS rep to another about date of service. Being hung up on several times while waiting for customer service advise. Been a customer since 2006. Absolutely done with Mediacom…

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