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DirecTV Claim for Compensation

My dispute started on 10/01/20. I called and talked with DirecTV 's Loyalty and requested a promotional offer for the $50.00 that was taken from me in 09/2020. I was told that there were not any promotions available for me.…

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DirecTV Lied About the Price

I am paying over $200 a month for tv & internet. Looking at packages, the highest priced listed package is about $65. How is our package , including internet cost more then $200 a month. I asked about getting the…

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DISH Network Won’t Let Me Cancel

No local FOX (Appallo) station after months of being charged full billing price. This began I believe around June of 2020. Submitted by: Anonymous | Read more DISH Network complaints Post your DISH Network complaint Information from the DISH Network…

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