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Cash App Collections Issues

What Cash App did: Automatically took money out of my account and someone else’s account that I had transactions with but that no connection at all to a person that decided they wanted their money refunded for no reason and…

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Cash App Bad Customer Support

What Cash App did: A $100 was removed from my account which was not authorized by me and I have emailed cashapp mytltiole times and when I tried to get customer support on the phone the representative kept hanging up…

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Cash App Complaint

What Cash App did: I started using cash app because I could receive money or payments faster. Since I have been using it. I have had to report my card stolen more than 3 times because there had been fraudulent…

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Cash App Hurt My Credit

What Cash App did: I was harmed by basically trying to get sign ups for this company and two things happen, I don’t get the bonus because they either say I did something wrong which I haven’t. I linked a…

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