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DirecTV Customer Service Lied to Me

In October of 2019 I requested an additional receiver for another TV. The representative informed me there would be a $99 equipment fee. We negotiated that I would not be charged the equipment fee. The equipment was installed. I received…

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AT&T Won’t Let Me Cancel

January 28 2020 my direct TV account was on vacation hold. I called them to confirm if everything was correct they told yes. April 3 2020 I received a from At&T for $171.90. I called customer service to find out…

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Verizon Won’t Let Me Cancel

I canceled l my Verizon Fios service Back 2018. I then moved to a new home. In November of 2019 I noticed Verizon had reported a negative "charge-off" in the amount of $464, to all three credit reporting agencies. I…

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ADT Lied About the Price

We have never in our lives felt this violated as customers and consumers and we don't take our claim lightly. There are no words to describe how ADT violated our trust every step of the way, and we never thought…

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AT&T Customer Service Lied to Me

AT&T has over 50% packet loss to their own internet DNS servers, where as I can connect to Google DNS servers 100% of the time on the same line and same time of day. This causes slowness, intermittent dropouts, and…

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