Tag : Won’t let me cancel

Cash App Won’t Let Me Cancel

What Cash App did: I got money stolen from my account from a groupie of dirt bags. I reported this as soon as I knee requested refunds reported their accounts. Tried opening a dispute with cashapp. Months go by and…

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Xcover.com Won’t Let Me Cancel

What Xcover.com did: I purchased tickets and $66 worth of cancellation insurance via gotogate.com unfortunately I had to interrupt/cancel my trip. When I contacted xcover.com /affinity/broadshire or what ever the real name is they told me they will not give…

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Amazon Bad Customer Support

What Amazon did: Hi Jeff/Andy I am no longer trying to force a contact with either of you I have literally tried hundreds of ways to contact someone (I wont explain, see the 70 emails I have sent both of…

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