Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet Complaint

What Coinbase Wallet did: Using Coinbase Wallet, I purchased USDT as collateral for defi mining program. Without notice, that program, STCcoinx ( activated a “smart contract” stripping my account of funds. STCcoinx requires a deposit of equal sum to “unpledge” the funds or be subject to 150% fee. When I notified Coinbase Wallet Customer Support, […]


Coinbase Complaint

What Coinbase did: July 11, 2022, Dear Sir, The following 2 letters describe my initial complaint to Coinbase base after my account was compromised and the result of Coinbase Complaint department. All following protocol within their user agreement. MY LETTER TO COINBASE COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT THEY ASSIGNED THIS COMPLAINT NUMBER #11009554 My account was compromised by […]