Do you have a claim? Feds sue DirecTV for $3.95 billion deception

Published on May 5, 2018 by the FairShake Team

A lot of us feel like cable and internet companies are trying to rip us off.

But can we prove it?

The Federal Trade Commission says DirecTV misled over 30 million Americans. Customers were trapped in a 2-year contract, then hit with a huge price increase after the first year.

Did you sign a contract and then see the price for services increase? We feel your pain! You can file a claim to get compensation.


Big companies often take advantage customers. FairShake tracks the legal landscape for the best opportunities to help you get compensation from DirecTV.

From BGR:

The FTC claims that between 2007 and 2015, DirecTV didn’t properly disclose the terms and conditions to 33 million customers who signed up for its satellite TV service.

Specifically, DirecTV advertised a discounted 12-month pay-TV plan, but the package actually required a two-year contract, with prices increasing by up to $45 per month in the second year. The early termination fee — $480! — and charges for premium channels were also not properly disclosed…

The amount of damages — and whether really small print counts as misleading advertising — is going to be front and center in this trial. If the FTC wins, it’s not just a big financial punishment; it’ll open the door to all manner of misleading ads and dubious charges becoming verboten.

Did the offers from DirecTV mislead you? Do want to start a claim? Get started above or learn more at our DirecTV Customer Action Center

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