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The Best Inventions of 2020: A Virtual Advocate FairShake makes battling the big guys easy, with a service that automates the process of filing an arbitration claim.

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The telecom companies were caught off guard. FairShake is expanding its focus to industries like consumer finance. For claims that FairShake has settled, consumers have gotten an average payout of $700.

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FairShake assists consumers with arbitration… a small-claims-court-style proceeding, usually done over phone or email.

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Many people don’t even know they have access to individual arbitration. FairShake helps automate a good deal of that process and coach customers through the process.

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Consumers fill out a questionnaire about their grievance and then track the status of their claim on FairShake’s dashboard.

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FairShake helps customers avoid a bureaucratic quagmire so they receive the fair treatment and compensation they deserve.

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[FairShake CEO Teel] Lidow has found that simply knowing your rights under your service agreement and raising the topic of arbitration can get large companies to back down.

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Learn about how Silicon Valley is working to close the access to justice gap for American consumers.

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The FairShake platform uses AI to resolve customer claims with major corporations within two months, with a typical settlement of $700.

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FairShake rises to support consumers with increasing need [...] in the wake of COVID-19.

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FairShake [es] una firma que ayuda a resolver disputas de consumidores con grandes corporaciones.

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World Changing Ideas Awards 2020

Fast Company selects FairShake as a finalist for its World Changing Ideas Awards in 2020.

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One of the Best Web Tools… A consumer complaint website [that] escalates issues to an arbitrator or lawyer… ‘I think it has great potential.'

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FairShake, a company that helps consumers file legal claims against companies, has been working with a number of Airbnb hosts to pursue legal action against the company.

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Some companies and industries swiftly responded to the challenges [of Covid-19]... Others fell short... according to data from the consumer advocacy service FairShake, which helps solve money disputes with big companies.

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FairShake (formerly Radvocate) taps automation and human review to help companies settle consumer disputes.

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FairShake's entire business model is focused on streamlining complaints against corporations.

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Radvocate [now FairShake], which is not a law firm, provides an online platform to help individual consumers to bring arbitration claims against corporations.

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