How to Cancel Cox

If you are cancelling your Cox service because of an unresolved complaint, let us help you file a claim.

Many people use Cox as an internet provider, television service, smart home and security utility, and home phone source. However, as is often the case, customers may find a better deal with another provider, discover they have no further use for Cox’s services, or simply decide that they no longer want to be customers of Cox. But how to cancel Cox?

Follow these steps to successfully end your contract to whichever Cox services you currently subscribe to.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Cox looks to make it difficult for customers to end their subscription to their services. They do not offer any form of online cancellation, making it necessary for you to call a customer support representative as soon as you realize that you want to go in a different direction with your services. Call 1 (866) 961-0027 to begin the process.

When you make the call, be sure to have all pertinent information on hand to streamline the process. This includes your account’s personal identification number, address, phone number, and account number. Your bill may be pro-rated for when you used the services from Cox.

Don’t be surprised if, during your interaction with the customer support representative, that they will try to persuade you to keep your service — including enticing upgrades and deals. They are authorized and trained to do this, as they want to lock you in to a contract that becomes increasingly difficult to extricate yourself from.

Be firm when you are canceling, and don’t be afraid to incorporate a non-negotiable reason for ending your service, such as moving away for a position that will pay for your services. Confirm that everything is ready for cancellation so you can ensure your account is truly closed. Be sure to ask if there is any equipment that you need to return to avoid any charges.

Will I Be Charged a Fee if I Cancel?

Prepare yourself for a fee of up to $120 if you cancel your subscription to Cox. This should be clear from the beginning of the contract — if you read the fine print — but you might still have some wiggle room for negotiation.

What Should I Do if They Won’t Let Me Cancel But I Can’t Afford or Use the Service Right Now?

Did you get the services that you were promised when you signed up for your Cox subscription? Was your telephone service reliable? Did you receive all the channels you were promised with your TV package? Any situation where things went wrong could be grounds for compensation from Cox.

Unfortunately, big companies like Cox count on the opportunity to take advantage of individuals like you to make their bottom line. Many customers and former clients may feel like all they can do is give up and give in to Cox’s demands when it comes to cancellation fees and other hoops you have to jump through to get what you want.

However, you can take that power back — and Cox down a few notches — by reaching out to the professionals at FairShake. Our team is experienced in going toe to toe with the big guys like Cox — just call us a David to corporate Goliath. We pride ourselves on holding companies like Cox accountable when things go wrong — or if you’re ready to end your services and can’t.

You deserve better. Begin our step by step process of submitting a claim against Cox below.

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