Common Complaints Against Credit One

What complaints do people like you have against Credit One? And what can you do about them?

Do the fees that Credit One Bank charges you every month seem excessive?  Did you close your Credit One account only to find out your request was never processed? Are you in collections because of Credit One and you don’t know why?

Credit One Bank has a variety of credit card accounts that people apply for online. The credit cards are commonly used by customers that have less than stellar credit or need to establish credit. Customers have logged 1,261 complaints against Credit One Bank with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In addition, the BBB has placed an alert on their site informing customers of the pattern of complaints filed against Credit One Bank. The most common complaints filed by customers include the following:

  • Payment and fee issues
  • Frustrations with the process of dealing with fraudulent activity
  • Inaccurate information sent to credit reporting agencies

Payment and fee issues

If you read through reviews and complaints about Credit One Bank, you’ll see a common grievance from customers that claim their payments aren’t posted promptly. They report receiving email confirmations that payments have been received. Yet, it can take a few weeks for the payments to process and post to the customer’s account. In the meantime, many Credit One Bank customers claim that they are charged late fees as a result of the delay in processing payments, even when they submitted payment to Credit One Bank on time. Other customers complain a payment process delay occurs when Credit One requires bank verification, even on bank accounts that have been routinely used to make payments in the past. Customers state they were not informed that a bank verification was needed until they called to find out why their payment was not withdrawn.

Customers also complain about duplicate annual fees deducted from their accounts. In other cases, requests to cancel a credit card are often not processed, which results in the customer continuing to be charged a monthly or annual fee for its use. For some customers, they are unaware the account is still open until it is sent to collections. Also, some claim customers they were charged a fee even when they decided not to activate a credit card account. Finally, customers report frustration with Credit One’s policy of limiting the number of payments that a customer can make each month.

Fraudulent activity

Credit One Bank’s process for dealing with fraudulent activity is confusing for customers. Some customers claim they are notified by Credit One that fraudulent activity has occurred on their accounts, but it can take weeks to resolve the issue. During this time, the customer is not given credit for the disputed charge, but they are expected to make payments on the fraudulent activity.

Disputing activity is also confusing for customers. The website does not offer the ability to file a dispute. Customers often call in their disputes to customer service, but Credit One is not obligated to process disputes that are reported over the phone, as mentioned in the credit card agreement. Rather, a customer is required to put their request in writing and send it to the address listed in the terms and conditions of the agreement. Most customers are unaware of this requirement and are not told about it, even when calling in their dispute to customer service.

Inaccurate information reported to credit agencies

Credit One offers a program that helps people with credit problems rebuild their credit. However, customers claim there are errors when Credit One Bank reports their balances to credit agencies. Balances that have been paid off in full may be reported as open and late. When payments are not posted promptly, balances report as past due.

If you feel taken advantage of by Credit One Bank’s high fees and policies, and you haven’t resolved the issues with their customer service department, you aren’t alone. For frustrated customers that are in collections or are forced to pay for charges they didn’t make, there is help for you. At FairShake, we work with Credit One Bank customers to help fix their problems. If you are frustrated with Credit One Bank and you don’t see an end in sight, find out how we can help you.

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