Your Guide to Holding Credit One Accountable

How to Sue Credit One

Has Credit One failed to refund unauthorized charges to your account and now you want to sue Credit One? You’re not alone.

Have there been unreasonable blocks or hold on your money, maybe hidden fees, excessive charges, or accounting errors? You might have tried unsuccessfully to get through to a representative who could fix the problem, explain that it was a simple error and offer a solution. Maybe you feel you have no other recourse but to sue Credit One. Here’s what you need to know.

Credit One Consumer Complaints

Credit One has faced class action lawsuits that their debt collection calls were unlawful. In the past they’ve also dealt with lawsuits pertaining to the hidden fees, payment issues, account errors, excessive charges, or transaction problems. They have a variety of credit card accounts available to their customers but they also have a variety of grievances filed by their customers for things like excessive monthly fees, inaccurate information on your credit report, or a litany of frustrations when trying to deal with fraudulent activity.

This nationally Chartered Bank is headquartered in Las Vegas and they have faced lawsuits in federal court in Chicago, West Virginia, California, and Florida. If you have a complaint about incorrect information reported to your credit score, a failure to remove fraudulent charges, hidden fees that you didn’t agree to and weren’t listed in your original agreement, or intentionally making it difficult to pay online and then charging you a fee for paying over the phone, you have options to fight back.

Use Consumer Arbitration to Settle Your Dispute

Credit One bank has a mandatory arbitration clause in its consumer agreement. So whether or not you realize it, your agreement probably prohibits you from joining a class action lawsuit like those Credit One has tackled in the past. Companies use these arbitration clauses to prevent class action lawsuits and to prevent you as an individual from suing them. But that doesn’t mean you have no options at your disposal. You can still fight back by suing in small claims court or using consumer arbitration.

Make sure you double-check your agreement with credit one for the arbitration clause. If there is no arbitration clause you might be able to join an existing class action lawsuit, or initiate one yourself.

If you are having difficulty getting a hold of the company, we can file your claim for you so you can avoid the endless games of phone tag and automated emails.

A consumer arbitration process is a great way to expedite and simplify your claim. Consumer arbitration is usually faster and when you use our service, much less complicated.

This process can get you a settlement a little bit earlier than with a small claims court. Many big companies like Credit One will settle once an arbitration process is initiated.

Steps to File a Claim Against Credit One using Consumer Arbitration

  1. Submit your complaint letter officially to Credit One. You can use our online interface  to tell us what your problem is, and how you want credit one to fix it. We will send the legal notice for you.
  2. The information you give us will be used to generate a hardcopy demand letter that gets sent to Credit One. In the demand letter we explained what we want them to do and we give them a time frame. If they don’t offer a solution to your problem by the end of that time frame, you can use consumer arbitration.
  3. They may or may not give you an offer or settlement at this point and if they do, and it’s what you want, take it. If they don’t or if what they offer isn’t sufficient, move on do consumer arbitration.
  4. File your arbitration documents from the American Arbitration Association. We generate them for you when you use our service and we do so with a “documents only” arbitration process. This just means you don’t have to stand in a high-rise office building next to a team of Credit One lawyers and defend yourself. Instead, it’s done through document communication, maybe even a phone call.
  5. The American Arbitration Association will appoint a case administrator who is in charge of your claim. They will collect any documents, be the go-between, and schedule appointments. The American Arbitration Association will also appoint an arbitrator who will then set a date for your hearing. If this is a document only hearing, you don’t have to go anywhere. If it’s a telephone hearing, make sure you keep your cell phone handy. If it’s an in-person meeting, show up the same as you would for a court date.

How to Sue Credit One Bank in Small Claims Court

If you want to sue Credit One in small claims court, you have to make sure that your claim falls under the requirements. In order to file a claim the compensation you are asking for has to be monetary, and since most of the complaints lodged against the company have to do with money issues this is pretty likely.

The amount of money you’re asking for has to fall within a range and most small claims courts have a minimum of $2,500 and a maximum of $10,000.

So, if you had to deal with difficult payment processes online and were overcharged monthly fees, late fees, or other fees that weren’t part of your original agreement, they might amount to only a few hundred dollars in which case you can’t use small claims court (but you can still use consumer arbitration).

Maybe they closed your account and you can’t get access to your money and if it was over $10,000, you can’t use small claims court (but again, you can still use consumer arbitration).

Every state has specific requirements and some counties add to the state requirements so you should check with your local County Clerk to see what you have to do. However most of the steps are generally the same:

  1. Send Credit One your demand letter. If you have a problem with Credit One your first step is to basically ask them to fix it. Sometimes asking nicely is all it takes, although given the complaints lodged against Credit One in the past, it’s likely you will have to take a few extra steps.
  2. This demand letter should be straightforward and explain who you are, with your contact information and your account information, what your problem is, and how you want them to fix it. You have to mail a hard copy of this letter through certified mail so that you can confirm the official delivery to the headquarters for the Credit One Bank which is:

Credit One Bank Corporate Headquarters:

Credit One Bank

6801 South Cimarron Road

Las Vegas, Nevada 89113*

*Note: The address you should use will be listed in your individual agreement.

  1. Fill out the required forms for your state. Check to see if your county has additional forms and if they do, fill those out. You can find this information on your state court website. While on the website make sure you see how many copies you will need. Most states require three or four copies and if you show up without them, they won’t accept your claim and you’ll have to come back again.
  2. Formerly file your documents with the court. Almost all courthouses still require that you show up in person to handle the documents to the county clerk who will check them, stamp them, and give you back your copies with your court date. If you’re lucky you’re County will allow you to submit them via email, fax, or snail mail.
  3. With your official copies in hand you have to serve Credit One. The requirements for officially serving Credit One with your claim will be listed on your court website. Make sure you follow every single rule and don’t leave anything out. If you do, your case will get thrown out and you won’t get any solution to your problem.
  4. Show up to your court date with all of your official paperwork that you filed originally and anything else you have to show what Credit One did, and why they owe you compensation. Credit One may or may not send a representative to court but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared.

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