When Curves customer service fails

Here's How to Make the Curves Corporate Office Listen

A legal option that can get Curves to listen — and get you compensated.

Curves is supposed to be for their female patrons, but that concern doesn’t always extend to their customer concerns policies. While finding a way to make the Curves corporate office listen is challenging, it’s not impossible. Let us show you all your possible courses of action before you decide.

Use Arbitration to Settle Your Complaint with Curves

You have options to get your complaint resolved fairly when Curves customer service fails.It might be tempting to try to take Curves to court yourself, but there’s another action you can take beforehand that might get you what you need without any legal fees: arbitration. With FairShake, we can help make the Curves corporate office listen through a preliminary legal process that goes like this:

  • First things first, we’ll draft a legal demand on your behalf and help you express your exact issues with Curves. This can then be delivered to their corporate office along with a set of instructions that they have to follow unless they want things to escalate. This type of action is usually quite successful at getting corporate attention; the suits love official-looking writing.
  • After that, we can help you navigate through their responses until you receive the resolution you need for your case. The details don’t matter; we have years of experience on our side and legal experts in our staff.
  • However, if things do eventually need to escalate to court, we won’t abandon your case. In fact, we’ll be right there alongside you as the court case unfolds and can help you through the process.

What about fees? No need to worry about it unless you receive compensation. In other words, a win for you is also a win for us. That’s the difference between FairShake and so many of these larger organizations: to us, you’re a partner instead of a customer!

Go Through Curves Customer Service or Escalate Your Complaint

Curves, like many gyms, franchises their clubs and allows them to be independently owned and operated. This means that if you have a local complaint about Curves, it may be something you can handle on a case-by-case basis with the local manager or the staff on hand. Rather than going through email or phone lines, show up to your gym in person and try to speak to the manager. Most people are much more amenable to your case if they see you in person.

File a Complaint with Consumer Affairs

If speaking to one of the staff members in person doesn’t do the trick, you can always go to consumeraffairs.com. This company reputation site informs future potential members about Curves… which is why many of their corporate customer service will try to deal with. You can use this to vent about your issue and possibly get the attention of the corporate suits at the same time.

Consider all of the above options, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want help arbitrating your case. FairShake can help give you the best chance at resolution and compensation for your problems with Curves. Contact us today and start filling out one of our forms to begin the process!

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