How to Cancel Your Account with DirecTV

If you are cancelling DirecTV because of an unresolved complaint, let us help you file a claim.

Are your DirecTV services failing to live up to expectations? 

Perhaps you want to cancel one of your services or switch providers entirely. Whatever the reason, we explain how to cancel your account with DirecTV.

DirecTV Cancellation Policy

DirecTV rules say that you are allowed to cancel at any time so long as you contact DirecTV customer service. However, finding the right number or knowing what to say is not as easy. 

Step by Step Guide to Cancel Your DirecTV Account

Note: Only the account owner is allowed to cancel a DirecTV account. 

When you reach out to customer service, be advised that they will try to offer alternatives like moving your service, temporarily suspending it, or reducing your DirecTV bill by changing your service plan. 

However, when you are ready to cancel completely, make sure you have all the necessary information.  You can only cancel over the phone, not via email or online. So, call customer service at: 800-531-5000. 

What you will need:

  • Your account number
  • Your account pin
  • The name and address on the account

Usually they are only available between the hours of 8 a.m. and midnight Eastern Standard Time, so be sure to plan your call for that time.

The first representative with whom you speak will be unlikely to handle a cancellation so be patient as they transfer you to someone who can. Remember, their job is to keep you as a customer so they might try to push alternatives to cancellation, but remain firm and polite if you wish to cancel. 

How long until my account is cancelled?

Once you call and cancel, you should receive confirmation of your cancellation. However, you can only cancel during normal business hours. If you call over the weekend or over a holiday, it will not take immediately, but will take place on the next business day, whenever that is. 

Fees Associated with Cancellation

If you are under contract, then they will charge you for every month that remains on your contract, at a rate of $20 per month. For all accounts, contract or not, there will also be a one-time deactivate fee of $15. 

So, if you have a two year contract, and you cancel with 7 months left, then you will have to pay 7 x $20 = $140 + $15. 

DirecTV is a service of AT&T, so customers might be under contract for other subscriptions or services too. If you have more than just cable as part of your package, be prepared for a third set of fees that come from changing your package. This applies to customers who signed up under a promotion for their bundle too; your prices for the services you keep might suddenly be higher. 

Complaints and Disputes Over Cancellation

Customer complaints against DirecTV have to do with billing and cancellation problems. In many cases, customers are upset that they were not informed at the time they signed up with the company of the cancellation fee. Many more sign up with a promotion and then realize after the fact that the promotion has a contract–which also has cancellation fees. 

What Should I Do If They Won’t Let Me Cancel or Are Overcharging me?

You are not the only person to struggle with cancellation. It can be difficult to get out of a DirecTV account and the cancellation fees can feel punitive. 

At FairShake we can help you fight big companies like DirecTV and hold them accountable for their actions, including unfair contracts and cancellation fees. Get started today…

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