Can you cancel your DirecTV service without penalty?

How to Cancel DirecTV from AT&T

If DirecTV is making it difficult for your to cancel your subscription, you may have a legal option that will help.

Customers utilize DirectTV from AT&T for many different services — chief among them, television services including premium channels, sports, and more. Because DirecTV is a service of AT&T, many customer might have a contract or subscription that includes streaming and internet services.

Maybe you’re not interested in the channels or programming you’ve been viewing, or perhaps your sports team is out of the competition, or your interest has shifted completely. There are plenty of reasons to not want to be a subscriber of DirecTV from AT&T anymore.

If, for whatever reason, you might be dissatisfied with the services you have received from DirecTV from AT&T, know that you have options. You don’t have to stick with a service you don’t like in order to get the services you need.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

To cancel your subscription, call 1 (800) 288-2020. Typically, customer service representatives will be available by phone between the hours of 8 a.m. and midnight Eastern Standard Time, so be sure and schedule your call amid that time.

You may be prompted to make selections through an automated menu. Whenever possible, select the “other” option — or continue to press “0” throughout the interaction. This should give you a human customer support representative as soon as possible.

The customer support representative that you are connected with during this call will be focused on keeping you with DirecTV from AT&T, so you need to be prepared. It’s important to remember the specific reasons why you no longer desire this service, particularly when the representative attempts to tempt you with deals, expanded packages, and other items. Remain firm and give a good excuse — such as moving with no service — as your reason for ending the service.

Will I Be Charged a Fee if I Cancel?

You can expect a cancellation fee with DirecTV. The fee will include $20 per month remaining in your contract, as well as an added fee of $15.

Can’t afford the fee — or can’t pay it because of contract breaches that are outside of your control, or the fault of DirecTV from AT&T? Don’t worry — there’s still hope.

What Should I Do if They Won’t Let Me Cancel But I Can’t Afford or Use the Service Right Now?

Rest assured — you’re not the only person who needs to get out of their contract wiht DirecTV from AT&T. This company makes it particularly hard for customers to end their subscriptions to their services — including punitive measure designed to keep you in a contract that you don’t want or can’t use anymore.

There’s not need to worry about your situation anymore. This is exactly the kind of case that the team at FairShake is experienced with tackling. We want to hold big companies like DirecTV from AT&T accountable for their actions, including unfair contracts and cancellation fees, contracts that did not fulfill promises, and other situations.

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