DirecTV: What You Should Be Paying For Cable Or Satellite TV

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Suppose you’re anything like the millions of Americans who are always looking for ways to cut costs, then checking your cable bill is probably the best place to start. There are tons of companies with more choices than we can count that are trying every advertising tactic out there to get your hard-earned money.  

However, what you should be paying for cable or satellite TV is very different from what you’re actually paying today. We’re going to dive into DirecTV and see where your average monthly cable cost falls within this telecom giant. 

DirecTV TV Plans and Bundles 

When choosing DirecTV, you’re able to reduce your overall cable monthly cost while enjoying some or all of your favorite shows. They have different plans and bundles to match every person’s needs and significantly reduce the cable cost you’ve spent monthly from local providers.  

Here are DirecTV’s Four Packages with Options:

Table showing pricing by package

Note: All the prices shown above for each package are only for the first year, and then the price goes up for the second year. The NBA League Pass is for the 2020-21 Season and may differ depending on the date you subscribe for your service with DirecTV.

The above monthly prices exclude taxes and are based on the area you subscribe to. Each state has its own tax rate, and that will be applied based on the state you reside in or where your service is located. 

There is a Regional Sports Fee of up to $9.99 per month that is extra and will be added to your average monthly cable cost. Each level of packaging after the Entertainment Package accumulates the additional channels. So, if you were to choose the Premier Package, you would be getting all the extra channels that the above packages receive.  

How DirecTV Prices Compare 

If you’re an avid sports fan or a major TV buff, then DirecTV will probably be worth the investment, even though it is a little more expensive than some of the other providers. With features like the advanced DVR, recording multiple shows is possible and has many different options that other providers just can’t compete with. 

DirecTV has a vast selection of channels, and it works perfectly for the modern family with a wide variety of preferences. Plus, it also gives you access to out of market NFL games, which is a big deal for the sports enthusiast. Not to mention its highly rated app is one of the best in the telecom industry and gives you access to all your favorite shows anywhere you go.  

What to Do if You’re Paying Too Much Right Now

If you’re currently subscribed to your local cable company, and your average monthly cable cost is off the charts, there are ways you can cut costs and cut loose! If there’s one thing that never gets cheaper, it’s cable TV. The cable industry continues to hike its prices year after year, and the consumers are taking the hits. 

But if you want to save some cash and are willing to make a few changes, then here are our best tips to cut some cable costs:

  • Cut Back or Completely Get Rid of all Your Premium Channels – As the word premium indicates, you’re paying a hefty extra fee for some of those channels. Saying adios to HBO might seem challenging, but your wallet will thank you each month your cable cost is reduced. 
  • Ditch All the Extra Cable Boxes – Do you really need an extra cable box in all those rooms you’re hardly ever in? Just getting rid of one of those extra cable boxes can save you up to $12 per month, depending on your provider’s fees. 
  • Check Your Monthly Fees – You’d be surprised how sneaky some cable providers are and how they add additional fees for things you don’t even know you have. For instance, paying for HD technology isn’t doing anything for your viewing pleasures if your TV doesn’t even accommodate that feature. Review each month and then call and question all those extra fees! Some might be unavoidable, but we’re willing to bet some are absolutely unnecessary. 
  • Consider Downsizing – Okay, it might sound cool to say you get over 4,000 channels on your current plan. However, are you really watching all those channels? We didn’t think so, and chances are all those premium channels aren’t being utilized as well. Depending on your provider and the options they have, you might be able to save anywhere from $20 to $40 a month by just downsizing to the next plan. 
  • Try to Negotiate – Most cable companies have a customer service department that is prepared to negotiate with its customers. The telecom industry is fierce, and the competitors are surrounding their customers like sharks. So if you’re willing to haggle, you just might score yourself a better deal.  

If you’ve been a long term customer with the same cable company, chances are you aren’t under any obligations to stay with that provider. Which means you can cut them loose without paying any additional fees or penalties. Regardless of what provider you’re currently using, we suggest keeping track of the dates and costs associated with your terms. 

Knowing when to bail is essential to saving money. For example, DirecTV locks you into a two-year agreement, and if you decide to bail early, they will charge you a fee of $20 per month you are canceling! That can come with a pretty hefty price tag if you want to get out of your contract’s second year. 

So make sure you know all the terms of your monthly cable cost and any fees associated with canceling or relocating your services.  

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