How to Get Great Customer Service from DISH Network

When customer service fails, you have an alternative option for getting DISH Network to listen. FairShake can help you file a formal dispute with DISH Network through consumer arbitration. Get DISH Network to treat you fairly.

DISH Network provides satellite-TV and other digital services to millions of Americans every year. But because of the way different cable or satellite companies are set up, many Americans only have one or two choices and have to stick with DISH Network even if they would rather have another company provide them with TV or Internet access.

It can feel frustrating to have a problem with DISH Network and feel like your complaints aren’t being heard. This is especially true in the day of robotic or automated phone responses. Even worse, DISH and its representatives might just try to get you to buy more of their services, rather than rectifying any errors they’ve made.

If you want to get great customer service from DISH Network, there are several channels you can investigate and some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

How to Reach DISH Customer Service

Although DISH customers often have a multitude of complaints about their satellite service, DISH does, thankfully, provide a plethora of contact methods for those customers to reach their representative teams.

Broadly speaking, DISH customer service is split up into options for live communication with human representatives or online self-service. You can use both or either, but the phone reps usually ask whether you’ve checked the self-service page before moving on to real solutions for your issues.

For starters, you can contact DISH’s customer service team by calling 800-333-3474. This should connect you to a customer service representative within 20 minutes at the latest (although this is far longer than many people want to wait anyway).

However, be advised that you might have to navigate through several phone menus before you get to the customer service team appropriate for your issue.

Website Customer Service Channels

If you already have an account with DISH Network, you can visit their website self-service page. Here, you’ll be able to look for frequently asked questions or keywords that might lead you to pages with the answers you require.

Alternatively, you can log into your account and begin live chatting with a DISH representative. This is often a little faster than trying to contact them on the phone.

Facebook and Twitter

DISH also has Facebook and Twitter accounts. While these are mostly used to update their customers about momentary outages or to promote new deals, you can also list your complaints or try to contact the representatives running those pages. This may be a good option if the other attempts at getting DISH’s attention hasn’t resulted in any meaningful action.

Contacting Corporate Offices Directly

If the regular customer service channels fail, you might consider writing a demand letter or otherwise trying to communicate directly to their corporate offices. There are a few different ways you can do this.

For starters, you can send a demand letter straight to DISH’s corporate offices by mailing it to this address:

9601 South Meridian Blvd.

Englewood, CO


Be sure to keep your demand letter short, sweet, and to the point. Make sure that a return address is listed clearly and that you write legibly. With letters such as this, you don’t have to use a lot of fancy language – just explain what you want to be taken care of and that you had difficulty getting results using normal customer service channels.

You have a much better chance of getting a quick response if you are polite but direct compared to writing a rude letter.

Additionally, you can try to contact DISH’s corporate offices directly using their phone or fax numbers. The phone number is 303-723-1000 while the fax number is 303-723-1999. Either of these numbers should forward you straight past the regular customer service phone lines and allow you to speak to DISH employees who may be able to actually do something about your grievance.

DISH Better Business Bureau Complaints

There is one more thing you can try before moving on to a small claims court case or arbitration: the Better Business Bureau or BBB. This website collects reviews and forms a reputation for big companies like DISH Network for all to see. Thousands of complaints against DISH have accumulated over the last few years, and only some of them have been resolved.

Why go here? It turns out that many of DISH’s customer service representatives check the BBB and similar websites in order to see what complaints are getting the most attention. Remember, for large companies like DISH, having too many of the same complaints can seriously impact business and new satellite-TV sign-ups.

To this end, some of their customer service representatives directly respond to complaints on the BBB rather than focusing on complaints they hear on their own website. The logic is a bit circular, but if you just want some solid customer service and need someone to listen to your issue, this may be a good way to get that attention.

Start by creating an account on the BBB and writing a review. Customer complaints don’t always get answered, but you might just get the attention of a customer service rep who responds directly and who can forward your grievance higher up the resolution ladder.

Contact FairShake

Ultimately, if none of the above customer service avenues give you the service you require, you might consider contacting FairShake to pursue arbitration against DISH Network. In a nutshell, FairShake can help you force DISH to listen to your complaints and give you the customer service you deserve with a legally binding arbitration agreement.

A neutral arbitrator will mediate the disagreement between you and DISH, and FairShake can help you get your paperwork in order, give you some tips for the arbitration meeting, and much more. Best of all, you don’t owe us a dime unless you win in your case against DISH.

Getting started with arbitration might seem overwhelming, but we can help you with every step of the process. Contact us today by clicking on the form below and one of our experts will get in touch shortly!

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