Understanding DISH Network Early Termination Fees

Is DISH Network charging you a bogus Early Termination Fee? FairShake can help.

"What you should know about early termination fees"

If you are working with DISH Network, trying to close out your account, you might suddenly be facing an early termination fee. What is it? Are there any ways to reduce it? We explain.

Why does DISH charge early termination fees?

When you sign up with DISH, you sign a paper (or webpage) that acts as a contract. DISH Network is contractually obligated to provide you with the services you pay for and in exchange you are contractually obligated to pay for the services.

DISH Network relies on the money they project will be coming from your contract every month for however long your contract lasts, usually 24 months. Sometimes however, you need to leave your contract before it ends, but DISH Network still wants to make a profit. Early termination fees are one of the ways that DISH Network makes a profit even if they can’t keep you around as a customer.

Are early termination fees legal?

Early termination fees are technically legal in almost all situations so long as they are disclosed and are not excessive. However, in 2016, New York state had to pass a law banning early termination fees for people who were deceased. This was reportedly brought about because DISH Network reportedly charged a woman when her mother passed away. The charge was an early termination fee on the mother’s account.

When do I have to pay them and how much are they?

There are 2 situations under which you would be required to pay an early termination fee:

  • DISH Network cancels your contract.
  • You cancel your contract. 

In the terms and conditions of your contract, there is a section that is labeled something like “termination”. This section tells you under what circumstances DISH Network is allowed to cancel your contract-you failed to pay is the most common reason–and what situations allow you to cancel your contract early. You are not legally obligated to remain with DISH services, so you can cancel almost at any time, but you have to pay the early termination fee. 

The amount for your fee is based on your contract. The contract and the services you have will dictate the exact amount, something you can find in your contract. 

How much is DISH Network’s early termination fee?

DISH Network offers a lot of different promotions and discounts which come with separate strings. For example, one of their discounts is a 2-year price guarantee where you enter into a 2-year contract and you are guaranteed the same monthly price for the entire two-year commitment. If you utilize this, there is an early termination fee of $20 per month for every month that remains on your 2 year contract. 

How do I know if my contract with DISH Network has an early termination fee?

Dish Network early termination fees are listed in the terms and conditions so you have to read this carefully.

Can I negotiate my early termination fee with DISH Network?

Yes you can try. If, for example, you contact customer service you can explain the mitigating circumstances behind why you have to cancel your contract. Job loss, closing a business, moving, and so forth are reasons why you might need to cancel. If you reach out to customer service they might be willing to reduce the early termination fee or waive it entirely. 

Does DISH Network always charge an early termination fee?

The most common way to not pay a termination fee is if your original contract—or any renewal you agreed to for a better deal—is already expired.

You might not realize that there was an early termination fee associated with your contract because you were misled by a sales representative or you weren’t given the full scope of your terms and conditions. 

I’m being charged an early termination fee but I shouldn’t be, what can I do?

If you are being unfairly charged, let FairShake help. We understand how stressful it can be and we work with thousands of people who have been incorrectly charged. 

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