How to Lower Your DISH Network Bill

Does it seem like you are paying more than you really should for DISH? We break down your options on how to reduce your bill

Are you having a difficult time paying your Dish Network bill every month? Does it seem like your bill keeps going up and you don’t know why? Maybe you’ve already reached out to the DISH corporate office but you aren’t getting anywhere?

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Now you want to know how to reduce your bill from Dish Network. Below we detail some steps you can take to try and reduce your charges like:

  • checking your monthly bill
  • negotiating with DISH
  • scaling back your services
  • using discounts and promotions

Read on to figure out how you can reduce your bill from DISH Network:

Check your monthly bill

When you get your monthly bill is important that you check it thoroughly and verify every month that the amount you are charged is the correct amount and that it includes all of the services you agreed to. Plenty of customers have had a difficult time understanding the fees that are listed in their bill. And, according to the Better Business Bureau, the 3,598 complaints lodged against Dish Network in the last year have a lot to do with monthly charges being increased without their knowledge. In fact many charges have to do with signing up for a service at a promotional rate and locking in a 2 year contract only to learn that at the 12-month Mark the rates almost double for most people or, that customers aren’t receiving promotional rates that they agreed to, charges to their bill have been made that weren’t authorized, and expected credits were never posted.

If you are having a difficult time paying your monthly bill from Dish Network these types of errors might cause your balance increase and if you are unsure about a particular charge and you don’t pay your bill on time because you’re trying to figure out what it is or what went wrong, you get hit with late fees. Even if you decide to cancel your service because you don’t like extra charges, Dish Network will charge you a fee for every month remaining in your contract. If you get hit with a disconnection because you were late in your payment, and you have to reconnect your service, you get hit with a fee for that.

By reading your bill every month and catching errors rearly you won’t get hit with extra fees on top of extra fees.

Scale back your services

If you notice that your bill is still rising every month it might be worth it examining the services you have. You might decide to scale back, reduce extra channels or extra streaming features that will save you a little bit of money. Certain television services give you channels that you don’t necessarily watch or maybe you paid extra for extra channels and found out that you don’t really wash them even though you intended to.

You can scale back your services and make sure that if you signed up with a promotional rate, you go online or contact customer service to see if you can cancel that particular promotion when it expires (before it expires is better), or get it at a lower cost. This is one of the complaints that is lodged against companies like Dish Network where you are given three months free special channels as part of a promotion but then you are automatically charged the renewal fee.

Legally, companies have to alert you if you are going to be charged with an auto renewal for any service that is 6 months or longer, but at 3 months Dish Network doesn’t have to remind you which means they don’t give you the opportunity to cancel the free service that you may no longer want. So it’s up to you to reach out and cancel yourself and the sooner you cancel, the better. If you wait until the promotion is already expired, you might have to pay for an extra month of service that you don’t use.

Negotiate with DISH Network

While you are reaching out to cancel certain services or check on your bill, take the opportunity to negotiate with Dish Network. Call them at 1 (855) 318-0572 and let them know that you are thinking of canceling your service. If you say that they will transfer you to the customer loyalty or the customer retention department. Talk politely to the person and let them know that there are certain services you don’t need anymore and you are looking at competitors but you want to know how Dish Network can help you reduce your bill in exchange for continuing with their service.

A typical employee might offer things like free movie channels are free sports channels, or an average of $15 or $20 off your monthly bill depending on the type of package you have. It doesn’t hurt to ask for both.

DISH Network discounts and promotions

Senior Packages

DISH Network offers additional perks for seniors who are over 55, and though they won’t directly reduce your bill from DISH Network, they will indirectly reduce it because you get free repairs and service visits when things go wrong.

Military and First Responders Discounts

For military members, Dish Network offers what is called the stars and stripe package and this is available to active duty and Veterans. It includes upgraded channels like Smithsonian Channel, American Heroes channel, and Starz at no additional cost. The first movie rented on demand each month is free. Military families are given two year price guarantees with no Sports fees, no HD fees, and no hidden fees. The military offer also upgrades a DVR to a hopper which allows users to stream 100% of all the television content to their mobile devices no matter where they are in the world.

Similar special offers include discounts that change regularly, like 40% off a satellite antenna bundle.

Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers have access to what is called the Heartland Pack which includes a collection of family-friendly television programs but no additional cost like the Hallmark Channel, Discovery Family, The Game Show Network, and baby TV. Similar to the military program, this discount package gives you your first On Demand movie rental every month for free, an upgrade to Dish Anywhere which lets you stream content anywhere, and a guarantee that your contract will stay at the same price for 2 years.

Rewards and rebates

Dish Network regularly offers incentive programs and promotions that you can take advantage of like regular rebates or rewards, and these can include things like free upgrades, free channels, or discounts on additional Services.

If you’ve tried everything you can think of and you are still struggling to reduce your bill from Dish Network, let alone pay it, it might be time to contact Fair Shake. We can help you file a claim with Dish Network to fix a payment issue or a billing problem.

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