DISH Network: What You Should Be Paying For Cable Or Satellite TV

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In a time when everything seems to be getting more and more expensive, local cable TV providers have not shown any mercy. You can expect to see an increase in your cable monthly cost each year when sticking with your friendly neighborhood companies. However, you could switch to one of the DISH Network’s satellite TV plans and save cash each month.

DISH Network offers a variety of family favorites, lots of sports, and of course, all the premium movie channels. Their pricing plans are decently priced, plus you’ll get one of the best DVRs in the industry when opting for the DISH Hopper. Continue reading to see if DISH Network is a perfect fit for your household.

DISH Network TV Plans and Bundles 

When choosing DISH Network, you’ll find they are competitively priced in this market and offer some services for free while other networks are still charging for these same services, such as HD. If you want to reduce your overall cable monthly cost, then DISH Network is an excellent option to consider. Below are their different plans and bundles to match all your needs.  

Here are DISH Network’s Four Packages with Options:

Table showing DISH Network pricing by package type.

Note: All the offers from DISH Network require credit qualification and 24 month commitment. There is an early termination fee with eAutopay. The above prices and offers end on 07/14/21. All the above prices include the ‘Hopper Duo’ for qualifying customers. Hopper, Hopper w/Sling or Hopper 3 does come with an additional cost of $5 per month. 

The prices listed above are locked in for the two years of the contract, so you don’t need to worry about the price going up in the second year like some of the other networks. DISH Network also includes HD for Life, which means you don’t have to pay extra for any HD services.   

The above monthly prices exclude taxes and are based on the area you subscribe to. Each state has its own tax rate, and that will be applied based on the state you reside in or where your service is located. 

How DISH Network TV Prices Compare 

DISH Network has some pretty solid plans and offers an excellent experience to its many viewers. The pricing structure is very straightforward, and they don’t have a ton of hidden fees like many of the other providers. Their pricing is in line with some of the other networks; however, they don’t raise their prices during your contract.   

There are zero installation fees with DISH, and if you’re a fan of college sports, then you should know that DISH Network is the leader in providing the most college sports coverage. 

What to Do if You’re Paying Too Much Right Now

If you opened your monthly cable bill recently and almost fell off your chair at the total cost due, you’re not alone. Many people are looking for ways to reduce their monthly expenses, and the most comfortable place to start is with your cable service. Chances are you’re paying for many things you don’t need, including hidden fees and multiple cable boxes.

If you want to save money on your cable cost, you will need to make a few changes. Here are our top tips for reducing your cable costs monthly: 

  • Negotiate Your Monthly Costs – Making a simple phone call to your cable provider can be the best decision you make when it comes to trying to reduce your cable costs. Since the market is quite competitive for cable companies, they usually try to negotiate whatever they can to make the customer happy. Don’t expect a 50% decrease in your monthly cable cost, but you might score some free services or a small discount monthly.  
  • Say Goodbye to Premium Channels – Nobody needs a ton of premium channels since there just enough hours in a day to watch all of them. So if you know that you’re more opt to stick with SHOWTIME, stop paying for HBO. It’s really that simple! 
  • Be Aware of the Monthly Fees – Sometimes, the hidden fees you’ll find in your monthly cable bill can be avoided and are not necessary. However, the cable company isn’t going to tell you that you shouldn’t be paying for the HD service when your TV doesn’t even accommodate it. You have to be aware of these charges and then call and question them in order to get them removed from your bill. 

In fact, there might be several fees that you are paying monthly that you don’t need to pay. Review your monthly cable cost and then make that call to customer service to find out what all those extra charges are for. 

  • Reduce Your Cable Boxes – If you have more than one cable box in your home, you’ll want to consider getting rid of all the extra ones. These cable boxes come with a monthly fee, and that fee adds up over time. So if you’re not actually using these extra cable boxes, get rid of them and save your cash. 
  • Go Lean – Most people get talked into more channels than they need. Don’t feel bad; these salespeople are good at their jobs, and they want you to have the best of everything. However, having over 500 cable channels is not beneficial to your wallet when you don’t even watch a fourth of them. 

Consider downsizing your service and go with a more practical plan that has everything you need but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg for all the other channels. 

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