Complaints Against DoorDash

The common Doordash complaints that users have, and what to do…

Picture it: You’re relaxing at home, waiting to treat yourself to a delivery of your favorite dish from a restaurant. But perhaps your meal never arrives. Or if it does, it’s late, incorrect, and rendered inedible because it is so cold that you’re afraid if you eat it, you’ll become sick. When you complain to the company, you rarely hear back, are rarely reimbursed for the errors of others, and if you are, repayment is only given through an account credit.

As frustrating as the situation is, these complaints are par for the course when it comes to issues that customers have with DoorDash. DoorDash is a company that utilizes independent contractors as delivery drivers to pick up food orders from local restaurants and take them to the locations of customers who request the meals.

However, in this transaction, many things can go wrong. From errors that transform a delicious meal into a dismal, inedible mess, to mistakes on billing that fail to be addressed, your fun night end can swiftly transform into an utter nightmare.

DoorDash has received nearly 2,000 complaints through the Better Business Bureau over the past three years. A selection of those complaints include the following:

Problem with a product or service

Not getting what you ordered is tough even when you’re dining at a sit-down restaurant. With DoorDash, however, even simple mistakes can turn into major headaches for customers.

  • Repeated orders of cold, inedible food.
  • Mistakes with orders that cause inconveniences and additional charges.
  • Rude, unresponsive customer service representatives.

Delivery issues

Timely and efficient deliveries are essential when it comes to DoorDash’s service. However, many customers have observed the opposite.

  • Payment accepted but food not delivered even if driver has marked the food as delivered.
  • Late deliveries, sometimes hours after order.
  • Missing food items.
  • Unresponsive drivers.

Billing and collections

When something goes wrong with a product or service, a company needs to step up to make things right again with their customer. However, DoorDash has let its customers down time and time again when it comes to billing errors.

  • Inability to redeem or recoup gift cards.
  • Charges on account not authorized by customer.
  • Refunds only issued in DoorDash credit rather than money returned to customers’ bank accounts.
  • In-app refunds refused with no explanation.

Like many other food delivery and on-demand services, DoorDash was also recently the focus of a class action lawsuit focused on tips not being delivered to delivery drivers.

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