How to Get Good Customer Service from DoorDash

Fed up dealing with DoorDash customer service? You have legal options to get them to take your complaint seriously.

DoorDash is one of many food delivery services available in the gig economy today. When you put in your order at your favorite big chain or local eatery, it’s up to the drivers at DoorDash to make sure your order comes in exactly how you wanted it and delivered in a reasonable amount of time.

You deserve to be able to trust the DoorDash team to deliver your order in exactly the way you asked for it. However, mistakes happen all the time. This includes incorrect orders, cold or melted food items, long delays in delivery affecting the quality of your order, and orders that simply never show up at all. When errors happen, you should be able to turn to a competent and efficient customer service team at DoorDash, and if they’re any good at all, they should work their hardest to make things right for you. Whether you’re seeking answers for the mistakes that happened or a refund on a ruined order, here’s what you need to do to get good a good response from customer service at DoorDash.

Prepare for Your Conversation

Before you reach out to DoorDash’s customer service team, it helps your case to be as prepared as possible. Make sure that you can clearly describe what happened to cause your complaint, including the date and time it occurred, and any order numbers or correspondence your order generated. You should have this information nearby when you initiate contact with DoorDash for easy reference.

Likewise, have some paper and something to write with handy to jot down any important notes or information the customer representative shares with you. Your complaint might have a reference number associated with it, which is important to record so that you may help keep track of the progress of the complaint in subsequent calls.

Remember: Stay calm, listen carefully, and be patient. It can be frustrating to explain what went wrong, but the customer service representative should be focused on making it right.

Contact Information for DoorDash

Depending on your preference, there are several ways to get in contact with DoorDash to get your complaints addressed by a customer service representative. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • DoorDash by Phone: Whether you have a complaint or need assistance as a customer, driver, or restaurant whose food is delivered through DoorDash, you can contact DoorDash support by dialing (855) 864-7626. Call times can vary, and at busy times, a customer support representative might not be available by phone — or you might be faced with a long wait time to get your complaints heard.
  • Chat Online with DoorDash: Follow the links online as a customer, driver, or restaurant to chat with a member of DoorDash’s staff at This is one of the most efficient ways to interact with customer service.
  • Email DoorDash: Follow the link at to submit your complaint via an email contact form. A customer service representative will return your message soon.
  • DoorDash Corporate Offices: DoorDash’s corporate offices are located at 116 New Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA 94105.

If there is a serious health or safety emergency, DoorDash recommends that you call 9-1-1 rather than reach out to DoorDash support.

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