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Is ViaSat a Good Internet Service?

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ViaSat is a satellite Internet service provider, and they’re one of the few options available to those who can’t connect to traditional cable or fiber-optic companies. Let’s dive into what they provide in terms of Internet packages and see what their customers say about their services.

ViaSat Breakdown

ViaSat provides its Internet service to its customers via satellite, as the name implies. Unlike their primary competitor, HughesNet, ViaSat manages to break out of the download speed upper limit and go all the way up to 100 MB per second if you subscribe to their “Ultimate Platinum 100” plan, which is admittedly pretty pricy at $150 per month. Still, this is very good Internet speed in general for those who are likely to use satellite Internet in the first place, such as those who live in rural areas without access to fiber-optic connections. The last plan also has a high data cap of 150 GB.

Other plans are more affordable but also come with much slower download speeds and data caps. Download speeds range between 12 MB per second for a relatively pricey $50 per month all the way up to 50 MB per second, with data caps between 35 GB and 100 GB, respectively. This makes ViaSat’s data cap range is better than what HughesNet offers, but their prices are a little higher overall.

You should also be aware that ViaSat typically increases the price of its plans every few months, so keep an eye on your bill.

ViaSat Ratings

We can determine the overall ratings and industry reputation of ViaSat by checking out several resources. The Better Business Bureau collects user reviews for companies like ViaSat across industries. Out of 258 customer reviews, ViaSat only manages to get 1 star out of 5. This certainly doesn’t bode well for the company overall, as it shows that most people have at least one bone to pick with their Internet service offerings. is a similar review collection resource that gathers the experiences of people who really use the product or service. Interestingly, they only have a small collection of reviews for ViaSat: 48 over the last year. Despite this, the company only has about a 1.1-star average out of 5. This, again, shows general dissatisfaction with its customers.

Lastly, we can take a look at what the site has to say about the Internet service. They provide in-depth looks at products and services with a more balanced approach than many regular customer reviews. Intriguingly, they give ViaSat 4 stars out of 5 overall, praising the ISP’s plan variety, relatively high download speeds, and generally low price per Mbps. However, they do dock some points for low data caps and the typical three-month price hike.

ViaSat Complaints

ViaSat is one of only two major satellite ISP companies, and although they have a slightly better reputation than their main competitor, they still come under fire for plenty of complaints from their customers. For instance, several customers detail experiences where their Internet speeds seemed to be programmed to throttle during strange times or at preconceived rates in order to motivate people to sign up for pricier plans. Even without this aspect, many people don’t like the price for their plan going up after three months for no reason at all.

Another customer in particular speaks of a ViaSat representative telling them that their plan was no longer offered to customers, so their data speeds were throttled without their knowledge. Other customer service representatives have given customers difficulty when they try to switch plans or cancel their Internet service in favor of a competitor. Unfortunately, some agents reportedly tried to tack on additional fees and costs in order to get people not to leave under threat of high expenses.

Overall, ViaSat’s representatives and overall business practices evidently leave a lot to be desired.

ViaSat Lawsuits

ViaSat was sued in a class-action lawsuit in conjunction with the DIRECTV Group, Inc., for participating in an unlawful text messaging joint marketing effort. They sent the text messages deliberately intending for those who received them to believe that they had been sent by an individual. In other words, they engaged in unlawful and immoral marketing schemes.

Ultimately, all this goes to show that ViaSat does try to take advantage of its customers from time to time. If this has happened to you, maybe Fairshake can be of some assistance.

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