Common Complaints Against Fifth Third Bank

What complaints do people like you have against Fifth Third Bank? And what can you do about them?

Who is Fifth Third Bank?

Fifth Third Bank offers services that include checking and savings accounts, credit cards, personal loans, home and mortgages. There have been 1,012 complaints reported to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) concerning Fifth Third Bank over the past three years.

Some of the most frequent customer complaints include the following:

  • Issues with checking accounts
  • Problems with home mortgage and personal loan payments
  • Rude and unhelpful customer service representatives

Common Issues with Checking Accounts

Customers report a variety of problems with their checking accounts:

  • We’ve heard the new accounts that are opened may have excessive wait times when deposits are made. These Fifth Third Bank deposit holds are often not communicated to customers when they first open their accounts, and recording the deposits can run as long as 30 days. In other cases, customers are able to open a bank account online, only to have it closed at a later date due to their credit report.
  • Other complaints we’ve seen include Fifth Third Bank ATMs not dispensing funds to the customer, yet the funds are deducted from their bank accounts. Customers often spend a significant amount of time calling customer service or visiting the branch to resolve this issue.
  • Another common grievance of customers occurs when they close their Fifth Third Bank accounts. Customers report either calling customer service or visiting the branch in-person to close their accounts. The following month, they often receive a statement showing the account still open and the bank charging fees.

Common Issues with Mortgages and Loans

A top category of customer complaints is how their Fifth Third Bank mortgages and loans are handled:

  • Some customers that hold loans with the bank and make their monthly payments by check complain they did not receive the full number of payments due in their coupon book. They often have more payments due after the coupon book runs out, but do not receive an additional book or invoices in the mail.
  • Other customers that financed their cars through Fifth Third Bank report they didn’t receive the title of the car when it’s been paid off, and they often have to pay to get one from their local department of motor vehicles.
  • Mortgage holders report frustrations when their mortgages are taken over by Fifth Third Bank. They are often stuck with making a duplicate payment the month that their account is taken over because Fifth Third does not have a record of their last payment. They also experience problems with their insurance and property tax payments made in a timely manner. Some customers report receiving multiple refund checks for their escrow accounts. When they deposit the escrow checks, some checks are returned due to stop payment issues. Yet, they were not notified by Fifth Third Bank that there was an issue.

Common Customer Service Issues

One of the top complaints that customers have about Fifth Third Bank is the quality of Fifth Third Bank customer service when they call in or visit a branch:

  • In some cases, the customer service representatives appear to be uninformed about the bank’s policies and tend to put customers on long holds while a supervisor is tracked down. Frustrated customers report being on hold several minutes and, in some cases, being cut off. In other cases, customers are promised a call-back from a supervisor that never comes.
  • Many customers report unhelpful and rude service personnel who do not help them resolve problems.

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