How Do I Contact First American Home Warranty?

The inside track to contact First American Home Warranty execs. And what to do if they won’t listen…

First American Home Warranty but the company that many homeowners use to get warranties on things within their home that may not be covered by homeowners insurance. However, they still deal with their fair share of dissatisfied customers, especially customers who want to know how to cancel First American Home Warranty, how to file a claim when they won’t pay for something that was covered, and what to do to get a hold of a real person.

So if you have a problem with First American Home Warranty, you probably want that problem fixed. You can start by reaching out to them at their main customer service line at 1 (800) 992-3400. 

Chances are you’ve probably tried that already and now you want to contact a real person who can actually do something about your issue.

How do I Contact a Real Person at First American Home Warranty for Help?

Here are some customer service hacks you can use to contact First American Home Warranty, reach out to their corporate offices, and potentially get in touch with an actual human being. 

Call their renewal support line at (800) 327-9292

This is a corporate phone number for people renewing their services. If you have a problem with your warranty, this can be a good place to start, trying to get someone to fix the problem before you are willing to renew your services. But if this doesn’t work, and you aren’t immediately getting a resolution, you can hang up and try the number again, but with the extension for the cancellation support line. 

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Call their cancellation support line at (800) 327-9292 Ext. 7521.

When their regular customer service line doesn’t help, the cancellation support line is always a good option. This is a corporate office designed for customer retention. So, their whole purpose is keeping customers with the company when customers are dissatisfied. You don’t actually have to be canceling your service to use this number. Instead, you can let the company know that you are considering switching because of the issues you’ve had but you would prefer to stay with First American Home Warranty if they are able to come to some sort of compromise with you.

Note: This is not an opportunity to be demanding or sound like you are giving them an ultimatum. Instead, try to be very polite and let them know that you would much rather stay with the company, but you need this issue resolved in order to do so. Obviously you don’t have to follow through with any type of cancellation if you don’t want to, but simply implying that you are looking at competitors but you would prefer they help you find a solution together can go a long way toward getting someone to fix your problem.

How do I Contact First American Home Warranty with a Legal Complaint?

When customer service isn’t solving your problem, there are other options available.

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You can file a claim against First American Home Warranty or you can start a legal process and sue them:

The first is to see them in small claims court.

Suing First American Home Warranty in small claims court is your first option. This one you have to do on your own at your local courthouse, and there are a lot of specific steps you have to follow. However, for qualifying cases it usually gets customers what they want. 

The second is to use arbitration.

Arbitration is a type of dispute resolution, but instead of going to courts in front of a judge, you communicate with an independent arbitrator. This process starts off similarly to suing in small claims court; you have to send a demand letter to First American Home Warranty. Usually initiating this process is enough to get them to sit up and pay attention because it costs them less to deal with your issues now then to wait and go through arbitration. Customers with significant complaints against big companies like First American Home Warranty have usually been able to get compensation for their problems.

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