Is Frontier Internet Good? Reviews and Ratings for Frontier Communications

If your cable, internet, or phone company has mistreated you, you may be able to claim compensation. 

Not sure whether Frontier Internet is the right fit? Wondering whether they have good internet, affordable options, and good service?

You aren’t alone. To help you decide on an internet provider, we’ve put together some reviews and ratings the company has received gathered from multiple sources.

Frontier Communications Ratings and Reviews

Consumer affairs has given the company a 1 out of 5 stars in large part due to bad customer service and deceptive marketing practices that result in a lot of accounts being overcharged.

They haven’t fared any better with the Better Business Bureau which has recently put out an alert on the company that states, “Pattern of Complaint: On October 17, 2019 and November 21, 2019, BBB attempted to contact Frontier Communications Corp. regarding a high volume and pattern of serious complaints. BBB received 11,803 complaints in the past 36 months alleging customer service issues, missing appointments, decline in services previously handled by other providers who Frontier has assumed, billing issues including additional service charges for periods once the consumer has cancelled services. The business failed to respond to one of these complaints and 48 others were not resolved through BBB’s complaint process.”

Frontier Communications Customer Service Reviews

Customer service reviews lodged with Consumer Affairs speak to issues addressing bad customer service and issues getting representatives and technicians out for repairs. One customer stated, “weeks to get a tech out”.

Other complaints had heavily to do with misleading marketing claims, and a lot of hidden charges that make the cost of the service almost twice what it is marketed for, even at the cheapest plan.

Customer Complaints About Frontier Communications

Customers have endured poor installation and customer service from Frontier. One customer told FairShake:

“They did not fully install the equipment, leaving a black cable strung across my driveway for months, leading me to trip and fall and hurt my knee. They have also sent me to collections and has lied to them indicating that I have never called to complain when in fact I have spent hours with them and them even hanging up twice on me…”

Other complaints speak to a recurrence of the company claiming to offer things like the same price for life, or multiple promotions, and then not honoring those marketing claims and overcharging. As one customer put it:

“I called and set up internet service for 19.99 a month with no contract (it was a promotion that they were doing). The person I spoke with to set this up was helpful, but that has been the only positive. I specifically didn’t want a contract or anything expensive because I am rarely home and planned on moving within a few months. Modem came late and wouldn’t work. First bill came and it was for $76! They were not charging me the promotion that I signed up under, instead they were charging me full price for the highest internet option available. I called and they argued with me for a bit, but eventually changed it back to the promotion.”

There are a lot of issues with accounts being quoted for a marketing or promotional price, but when it comes time for the customer to receive their bills, that price is replaced by something higher. One customer expressed their sentiments with their claim that:

“Frontier needs to be stopped from lying and cheating people out of their hard earned money. They tell you one price and give you confirmation numbers that later they supposedly can’t honor. They quote you a price and 2 months later they say they have no record of it. They only document parts of the agreement, even though I have all the information and confirmation #s. I was told my bill would be right at $105 per month until September and after two months it’s now $140.They are liars and need to be stopped. Do not trust them. They can’t figure out how to keep customers, seem like lots of other people have the same problems.”

About Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications a mid-sized communications firm operating across 29 states. They provide internet, phone, and TV bundles with the most common plans for the internet. They were called Citizens Utilities Company until May 2000 and after that, Citizens Communications Company until July 31, 2008, though now they are known as Frontier Communications.

Services Offered by Frontier Communications

This wireless network provider operates in 29 states guaranteeing things like unlimited customer service and lifelong prices that remain the same.

Simply FiOS 50/50

The FiOS refers to fiber-optic services, which is a specific type of internet that transmits pulses of light not electrical pulses cable in order to get internet. This is what purportedly gives faster speeds and no bottlenecking for your internet. This plan is the cheapest, at $30 per month with 50 Mbps and unlimited data.

Simply FiOS 500/50

This plan is $40 per month with up to 500 Mbps and unlimited data. As is the case with all their plans, they give you the option of bundling internet with TV and a phone, which just means you get one bill for all three items. You can also choose the bundle you need with or without the TV and/or home phone.

Simply FiOS Gig Service

This is $75 per month with up to 1000 Mbps and unlimited data.

With these plans, there is a 1 year price guarantee to maintain the monthly fee. This plan offers a maximum speed up to 50 Mbps for downloads and uploads. Bear in mind, they also note in their fine print (for all of their packages) that there is an internet infrastructure surcharge, taxes, equipment service fees, and installation fees, in addition to the wi-fi router service fees.

What to do if You Have a Complaint Against Frontier

If you have a complaint against Frontier Communications, and you aren’t getting a solution to your problem, you may have a legal claim. Tell us about what happened and our team of experts will help you claim the compensation you deserve:

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