How to contact Google Fiber Customer Service

There’s more than one way to contact Google Fiber. And if they don’t listen you have options…

Google Fiber has faced many setbacks in recent years. When first announced, Google Fiber was a coveted service. In the years since Google Fiber first began, only a select few cities have received service.

Despite having a considerably smaller customer load than many comparable companies, Google Fiber’s customer support lines are often clogged up. This is sometimes due to the amount of people inquiring about future service, making it important to make it known that you’re a current customer.

It’s probably no surprise that Google Fiber’s contact methods are primarily web-based. In addition to very active social media accounts, Google Fiber has several online customer service options, like the customer service chat and the email form. Of course, customers also have the option to call customer support.

How To Call Google Fiber

Google Fiber’s customer service phone lines are open 24/7. This is great for customers who have time-sensitive concerns or who have disruptions in their service late at night. Google Fiber’s residential customers should call (866) 777-7550, while business customers should call (855) 418-8326. Whether you’re a residential or business customer, there are a few things you should do to make your customer support call go smoothly:

  • Have your account information ready. A customer service representative will need to pull up your account, so having your account number and/or contact information ready will make the process go faster.
  • Be prepared to document a few things. It’s recommended to write down any confirmation numbers you receive, phone numbers to call, email addresses to contact, and names of customer service representatives who make promises. Instead of relying on your memory, have a pen and paper nearby or open up a Word document.
  • Take a few minutes to think about how to describe your problem to them. If you know how you’re going to phrase your concerns, there’s less likely to be a misunderstanding about what the problem is.

In addition to calling Google Fiber’s customer service team, consumers have a few other options. Though it’s unlikely to be a fast and efficient way to contact customer support, consumers can fax Google Fiber at (512) 558-7577. Customers with iPhones or Android phones are also able to contact customer care through the Google Fiber app.

How To Contact Google Fiber Online

The live chat is one of the quickest ways to contact Google Fiber’s customer service team. Google Fiber customers can contact the customer service chat 24/7. To be connected to a live customer service representative, make sure to indicate that you’re a current customer. If you’re not using the name and email address you used to sign-up, make sure to include the account information in the question field if possible.

If the live chat isn’t your thing, you can reach Google Fiber’s customer support through email. Although Google Fiber hasn’t released a customer service email address publicly, you can use this form to receive email support.

  • Log into the account you used to signup for Google Fiber. You’ll need to be signed into the correct account (a current Google Fiber customer account) to have access to the form.
  • When using email to discuss your concerns, try to clearly describe the issue you’re having and what steps you’ve taken so far.
  • E-mail isn’t always the quickest way to receive support, but it can be beneficial for describing complex issues.

How To Message Google Fiber on Social Media

Google Fiber uses several different platforms for social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Both Google Fiber’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are used for customer service, with agents responding to public and private messages. Like their other customer service options, Google Fiber’s social media support is typically available 24/7, with most messages being replied to within a couple of hours.

  • FacebookGoogle Fiber’s Facebook account is very active, with weekly and sometimes daily posts. Customers can either directly message Google Fiber, post a public message, or comment on one of their recent posts. If you choose to leave a public message, it’s still recommended to send a private one, too.
  • Twitter: Google Fiber has two official Twitter accounts. The primary Google Fiber Twitter can be reached at @googlefiber, but it’s not the main customer service account. Google Fiber’s support Twitter can be reached at @googlefiberhelp. Customers are recommended to use the dedicated customer service Twitter, but they have the option of publicly tweeting by tagging @googlefiberhelp or directly messaging them.

When Google Fiber Fails You…

At times, Google Fiber’s customer service can seem elusive. It can be difficult to get in touch with customer support, with customers primarily having to rely on forms to reach a representative. And getting in contact with a human is only one piece of the puzzle, with receiving adequate service being a challenge of its own. When Google Fiber’s customer support fails to address your needs, it can mean money out of your pocket. If you’ve been overcharged, fraudulently billed, or charged for inconsistent or useless service by Google Fiber, you can fight back.

Although your legal options against Google Fiber are limited by the service contract, you still have options. One option is consumer arbitration, a process much like going to court. For many consumers, arbitration is more convenient, as it can often be completed entirely from home. Like traditional court, a successful claim can result in a settlement. With FairShake, filing a claim for consumer arbitration is free. We also take care of the paperwork, leaving you to worry about more important things. If you’re ready to fight back, start a claim now.

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