Understanding Google Fiber Early Termination Fees

Is Google Fiber charging you a bogus Early Termination Fee? FairShake can help.

"What you should know about early termination fees"

Google Fiber is an internet provider that is extremely popular in the major cities where it is offered. However, it is offered in only a few major areas so if you have Google Fiber but you move, you might not be able to keep your existing service. So if you are trying to cancel your service, and may be facing the early termination fees, here’s what you should know.

Why do companies charge early termination fees?

An early termination fee is a way for companies like Google Fiber to turn a profit even if they can’t keep you as their customer. When you sign a contract with Google Fiber, you agree to pay every month for your service and they agree to provide it. 

Under the terms and conditions of your contract there’s a whole section that explains that Google Fiber can cancel your service under specific circumstances like your failure to pay, and you can cancel your service at any time. If you choose to exercise that option, and you have a contract for a specific length of time like one year or two years, you have to pay the early termination fee to make up for the money that Google Fiber loses.

How much are early termination fees? Does Google Fiber always charge an early termination fee?

There are times when you might have an account that you don’t realize comes with an early termination clause. Google fiber is very open about the fee schedule. If you choose to cancel your service or change your plan to the basic internet plan they offer during the first year of your contract, you have to pay a $300 early termination fee. This is called a construction fee. They will however prorate this fee based on the number of months that are left in your contract.

When do I pay them?

You have to pay early termination fees at any point when your contract is cancelled prematurely. This can include situations where you cancel your contract because, for example, you move to an area where your wireless provider doesn’t have service, or situations where your wireless provider cancels your contract because you fail to pay.

How do I know if my contract with Google Fiber has an early termination fee?

All information on Google Fiber early termination fees is included in the residential terms of service or the small business terms of service. If you need help getting a copy of your specific contract, you can contact customer service for Google Fiber.

Can I negotiate my early termination fee?

Yes you can try. If you are, for example, signing up for a promotion or another service, and you speak with customer service about reducing or alleviating the early termination fee, get that in writing as well. Be sure not to sign anything unless it contains everything you agreed to. Just because a sales member says they can waive your fee does not mean it will actually happen. You need to make sure you get everything in writing, not just over the phone.

I’m being charged an early termination fee but I shouldn’t be, what can I do?

If you are charged an early termination fee but shouldn’t be, or if you are being charged more than you should be, there are steps you can take. Learn more about your options in consumer arbitration, and tell us your complaint…

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