Recent and Notable Lawsuits Filed Against the Popular Vacation Rental Company

All About HomeAway Lawsuits

Learn what HomeAway lawsuits are out there, and how to take action…

HomeAway gained a great reputation as a vacation rental sharing service where property owners rent out their homes to travelers and tourists. In turn, travelers and tourists should get an affordable space for their getaway.

However, no matter how popular the company has become, it is still the target of many customer complaints. In this article, we pull together the latest legal actions and lawsuits taken HomeAway over the last few years.

Are Lawsuits Allowed against HomeAway?

The answer to this is not simple. It is both yes and no. Yes, certain lawsuits are allowed, but no you typically can’t file them.

As is the case with many other service providers, HomeAway works very hard to protect the best interests of the company. In your user agreement, there is language that says you cannot sue the company in most types of legal situations.

However, as a consumer, you always have the option to take HomeAway to small claims court, or to file a consumer arbitration claim against the company.

Consumer arbitration is typically the better option, with fewer limitations and restrictions. It’s also the option that FairShake can offer help.

What is a class action lawsuit? Can I file a class action lawsuit against HomeAway?

A class action lawsuit is a type of lawsuit where a group of people-the class-come together under the same lawsuit by issuing the same complaint. Unfortunately, if you are a customer of HomeAway, you typically don’t have the legal option to join a class action lawsuit or file one yourself because your contract has specific wording that prevents this. Don’t worry, this isn’t the end of the world.

Here at FairShake, we are reinventing the HomeAway lawsuit process. Consumers like you want to know what their legal options are if they have a problem with the company. Rather than trying to file a class action lawsuit against HomeAway, we submit a personalized legal document to the company, and then help guide you through the process.

HomeAway has faced a series of complaints for things like the service fee charged when a reservation was made, but the reservation canceled through no fault of the customer.  Class action lawsuits have been filed by a short-term rental property owner who sued the company for loss of business.

Other complaints state that the company uses a lot of bait and switch tactics to charge extra fees to travelers and property owners.

As A HomeAway customer, what are my options for a lawsuit?

There are several ways you can file a claim against HomeAway. If it was a monetary issue, you can file a claim with your credit card provider to get compensation for an unwarranted charge. If it’s a customer service issue, you can always file a claim with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Legally speaking, your options involve one of two things:

  1. First, you can sue HomeAway in small claims court, but if you do that, you’ll be responsible for the paperwork, paying legal fees, and attending a court hearing.
  2. Second,  You can do everything comfortably from your home filing for consumer arbitration. This is a process stipulated in your contract with the company, and it lets you argue your case before an independent arbitrator. The arbitrator can force the company to fix the problem and give you compensation. We are here to help make this process simple and convenient for you.

Recent and Notable HomeAway Lawsuits

Improper Handling of Online Scams & Fake Listings

HomeAway is facing a class-action lawsuit that it did not properly notify renters of scams on their website.

From Top Class Actions:

The HomeAway class action states that the website is frequently used by scammers who create fake vacation rental listings to take advantage of people attempting to use HomeAway to book rentals.

Bait and Switch Tactics for Charging Fees

Another class action lawsuit that has been proposed has to do with the company using bait and switch tactics to charge travelers and their property owners extra fees. An Oregon plaintiff filed a lawsuit over the new rental terms.

From Top Class Actions:

According to this HomeAway class action lawsuit, the website formerly used what May describes as a “marketplace” model, under which HomeAway functioned more as an advertisement vehicle than a forum for transactions.

Under this model, HomeAway generated revenues by charging property listers for advertising their rental properties.

Housing Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit

In Washington, a new wave of allegations have hit the company for race based housing discrimination in the form of another class action lawsuit.

From Top Class Actions:

The plaintiff alleges HomeAway continues to advertise certain properties as available after African American applicants have been told those properties are unavailable, and she says HomeAway fails to address complaints of discrimination lodged against its agents or representatives.

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