How Do I Contact HughesNet?

The inside track to contact HughesNet execs. And what to do if they won’t listen…

Do you have an issue with HughesNet? There are lots of complaints online from customers who faced early termination fees from HughesNet. Other customers had problems with HughesNet equipment return fees even though they purportedly returned their equipment. Whether you have a billing issue, a problem with a salesperson misleading you, refund problems or cancellation issues, you want that problem fixed.

You can start by reaching out to their main customer service line at 1 (866) 347-3292 or email them.  

But, if you are looking into how to contact HughesNet, chances are you have probably tried the main customer service line and now you want to get in touch with a real person who can actually fix your issue.

How do I Contact a Real Person at HughesNet and Get Help?

HughesNet makes it very difficult to get a hold of them except through their main customer service line, chat function, email, and online support articles or questions, but you have to be signed into your account to access most of those. In fact, most of the time their answer is to have you call your reseller if you have support problems. 

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Start Now

Here are some customer service hacks that you can use to get in touch with a real person at HughesNet and get help:

Call their social media number at 844-900-2025. 

They have a different customer service number listed on their Facebook page and this number is more likely to get you in touch with someone who can escalate your issue to a higher level of customer service. They regularly monitor their social media for customer complaints and this number might get you a little bit further than the main customer service line. 

Reach out with social media.

They have active social media pages. On their Facebook page, for example, they actually list guidelines which stipulate that they support open discussion but they will delete comments at their discretion, reply to comments when appropriate, or remove comments and block people they believe violate the spirit of their community.

So, unlike other large companies especially telecommunications companies, HughesNet doesn’t let customers post complaints on their public Facebook pages or Twitter feed and will regularly delete them but they will respond to messages and complaints that are shared privately so that’s one option although it won’t necessarily get the resolution you want.

How do I Contact HughesNet with a Legal Complaint?

When customer service doesn’t solve your problem, you can file a complaint against HughesNet. For many customers who are dissatisfied with their service, and frustrated with things like slow internet from HughesNet, the next step is to start a legal process. 

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Start Your Claim

If you want to initiate a legal process, you have two options:

The first is to start small claims court proceedings by contacting HughesNet at their legal address.

You can learn how to sue HughesNet in small claims court and potentially get a resolution. Small claims court has very specific rules you have to follow, but if you do so it is usually a good way to get compensation for qualifying issues.

The second is to send a consumer arbitration demand letter to HughesNet in accordance with your HughesNet contract.

It is very likely that your user agreement with HughesNet specifically prohibits you joining things like class action lawsuits, but it usually says that you can use consumer arbitration as an alternative. Arbitration is a type of dispute resolution, one where you bring your dispute with the company to an independent arbitrator. That arbitrator makes the final decision. Most people who have severe complaints against large companies like you can get compensation using this method. And we can help.

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