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How to File a Complaint Against TurboTax

Make your voice heard and make TurboTax pay: These are your options

Intuit TurboTax Headquarters

Intuit TurboTax Headquarters; Source: Wikimedia Commons

TurboTax is one of the most popular taxing software companies in the world, and they see a lot of business around springtime every year. However, they’re also somewhat notorious for providing tax software that comes with hidden fees or confusing instructions. You might have a specific grievance against TurboTax, like them charging you when you shouldn’t have been, or their interface pestering you with ads.

We can help you figure out your options with TurboTax, including:

  • how to sue them in small claims court
  • how to file a claim in arbitration against TurboTax
  • how to file a legal claim against TurboTax

File a Claim Against TurboTax in Small Claims Court

What is it? TurboTax relies on people submitting their own financial information in order to use the software, so it’s difficult to present a real court case against them, even if you suspect that they acted illegally with your information. Still, it is possible to pursue a small claims court case against TurboTax. This type of case is brought before a local judge and may allow you to receive a monetary award.

Claim limits: Most small claims court cases only allow awards up to $10,000 depending on the strength of your case.

Court fees: The majority of small claims courts have fees you must pay depending on how much you are pursuing from TurboTax.

The type of relief: You can receive either monetary or nonmonetary (also called equitable) awards from TurboTax, though it depends on the type of small claims court.

When it’s a good option: This might be a good option if you have the time to commit to the case and want to make your grievance against TurboTax public.

How to do it: You can do this by visiting your local court’s website and following the small claims court process using instructions located there.

What you can expect: In some cases, you might win compensation against TurboTax, though cases against them are notoriously tricky due to the nature of their information input. You may also receive a settlement from TurboTax outside of court.

You can find a guide on how to sue TurboTax in small claims court here.

File a Complaint Against TurboTax with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

What is it? The CFPB is a government agency that provides certain regulatory guidelines that companies dealing with finances, like TurboTax, must abide by. Thus, you can file a complaint against them and possibly draw a response from TurboTax regarding your issue.

When it try it: This may be a good idea if you suspect that TurboTax is pursuing illegal activities and want to alert both the government and the public at large. But you aren’t likely to receive compensation this way.

What you need to do: You can file a complaint on the CFPB website by following these instructions.

What to expect: In most cases, your complaint can be posted online via a public database and may be used by the CFPB in the future for more regulations against companies like TurboTax.

File a BBB (Better Business Bureau) Complaint Against TurboTax

What is it? The BBB relies on companies and consumers communicating with one another using their public platform. You can, therefore, use this platform to complain publicly against TurboTax and possibly contact their customer representatives.

When to try this: This may be a decent option if you want to pursue a more traditional conflict resolution style or if you want to alert other people as to TurboTax’s schemes.

What you need to do: Visit TurboTax’s BBB page and you can submit a complaint using the instructions located there.

What you can expect: You’ll likely only receive a reply from TurboTax if they have active agents on their BBB page. You may also be contacted by the BBB themselves for more details regarding your complaint.

File a Complaint Against TurboTax Through Independent Arbitration

What is it? One last option you can always pursue is independent arbitration, which will see you teaming up with a FairShake arbitrator to pursue your case against TurboTax. This is 100% legal and may lead to compensation from TurboTax, as they’ll have to spend money in order to respond to your grievance with our assistance.

When to try it: You should consider independent arbitration if TurboTax ever treats you poorly or if you suspect that they are engaging in illegal activity with taxpayers’ funds.

What you need to do: Simply fill out one of our forms below in order to start your independent arbitration process.

What to expect: We’d be happy to explain more about our independent arbitration strategies right here!

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