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Is an LA Fitness Membership Worth it?

Having issues with LA Fitness? You may have legal options.

LA Fitness is a gym chain with locations across the country. Membership perks include access to machines, free weights, and other workout tools, as well as group fitness classes, basketball and racquetball, and lap pools. 

While LA Fitness touts superior customer service and an excellent member experience, a number of complaints have revealed that everything is not as it seems in this gym.

Membership Services You’re Paying for with LA Fitness

Membership costs vary depending on the type of membership you decide to purchase. For an initiation fee of $125, you can expect to pay $19.99 each month for a single club access membership. To work out at more than one club, you will pay a $25 initiation fee and $32.99 per month. Of course, these prices vary depending on your location, along with a bevy of other limitations and exclusions.

These membership costs grant you access to typical workout equipment and machines. For added fees, you can spring for personal training through LA Fitness.

There are several different group fitness classes that are included with your membership, such as cycling, yoga, and kickboxing. However, some of the classes that LA Fitness has to offer require an extra service fee to attend.

Common LA Fitness Complaints

While some customer reviews are positive, talking about a sense of family at the gym, clean facilities, and more, several complaints have disturbing similarities, highlighting a systemic failure to deliver on promises to customers. Among the most common complaints are how difficult it is to cancel memberships. Customers are required to print out a form, fill it out with their information, and send it to corporate headquarters. Meanwhile, as the request is processed, their accounts continue to be charged.

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La Fitness has been among a series of gym chains that have faced lawsuits because they continued to charge membership fees during closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Compounding these fees was the fact that there was no simple way to end memberships during this period, essentially handcuffing members to a service they no longer wanted.

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What Customers Have to Say About LA Fitness

A number of Fairshake customers have had plenty to say about their bad experiences with LA Fitness. Most of the complaints stem from billing issues, including an exorbitant rise in fees after a period where a membership was frozen, and ongoing charges even though locations have been closed during the pandemic. As with many gyms, LA Fitness requires customers to jump through multiple hoops to attempt to end their memberships. Many times, even though every box has been checked, customers are still charged fees even though they are no longer working out at LA Fitness.

If you have had issues with your membership at LA Fitness, you deserve justice. The team at Fairshake has a proven track record in making big corporations like LA Fitness take responsibility for when things go wrong for their customers.

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