How to Lower Your Mediacom Bill

If you know your Mediacom bill is incorrect and customer service isn’t helping, file a free claim to take back what’s yours.

Tired of seeing your bills continue to rise but your service stays the same? Are you getting hit with disconnection fees because you can’t pay your bill on time?

There are many ways to help reduce you cable bill. And, often, it pays to negotiate your bill with Mediacom. But, before you start haggling, prepare with the steps below.


If you are having a hard time keeping up with your Mediacom cable bill, there may be a way to reduce your monthly payment. Below we discuss a few steps that may help you save some money on your Mediacom cable bill:

  • Make sure your bill is correct
  • Pick the services that you really need
  • Use discounts and promotions


Make sure your bill is correct

The starting point is to make sure that what you are being billed for is what you actually agreed to.  If the monthly rate or equipment rental rates are not what you expect them to be, contact customer service to find out why.  Not only could you be paying more than you be, but you may also be incurring late fees if you fell behind.

Billing issues may occur if you have signed up for new service or are making a change to your existing service. There is a chance that you may be billed incorrectly or for something that you didn’t agree to.  To help cover yourself and keep your Mediacom bill as low as possible, follow these few steps:

  • Be sure to write down who you spoke to, the time, what was discussed, and the rate that you were quoted.  As an extra measure, read back to the agent what you’ve written down to clarify that you haven’t misunderstood.
  • If you can get an email or another document in writing that spells out the terms – that’s even better.  This is a great way to confirm your understanding. Plus, you’ll have written documentation in case of a billing dispute.
  • Check your bill – every month.  If you are expecting the same charges every month for your Mediacom services, you may be less inclined to review your monthly bill.  That’s never a good idea. Checking your bill every month can help you to catch unauthorized activity, services that you didn’t agree to, or duplicate charges.

Call customer service

If you are struggling to pay your Mediacom cable bill, try calling the corporate Mediacom customer service line for help.  From time to time, Mediacom may offer a special rate to continuing customers that you may be able to take advantage of.

Since Mediacom offers bundled packages at low rates, they don’t provide typical discounts that you would expect to see with another internet, phone, or cable provider.

However, some families may qualify for Mediacom’s Connect2Compete program.  This program helps low-income families with school-aged children to have access to the internet in their homes.  This promotional plan offers internet with speeds up to 10 Mbps for a monthly fee of $9.95, plus taxes and applicable fees.  You will also get a free Wi-Fi modem. To participate, households must have a school-aged child between grades K-12 who is eligible to receive free or reduced lunches at school.   Those who have been customers of Mediacom within the last 90 days, owe money, or have not returned equipment are unable to participate.


Visit your local Mediacom store for information on discounts

Mediacom does not offer discounts on their websites.  However, if you visit your local Mediacom store, they may be able to give a senior discount or suggests a more favorable pricing option for you.

If you are tired of seeing your monthly Mediacom bill rise and don’t know what to do about it, consider reaching out to FairShake for help.  They may be able to help if you’ve been overcharged or penalized with charges you didn’t agree to. Learn how out how Fairshake can help you file a claim today.

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